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OMG, it's beautiful! It's really fully AESTHETIC.

Is that an mp3 player with Rockbox, shoved into a Fami cart? :D

I haven't seen/read Non Non Biyori (on backlog), but this song is very nice. This famicom version makes the seemingly happy song sound all the more happy with the additional nostalgia that comes from the Famicom. Great job on this.

This is freaken amazing!!! I see you put a lot of time into this. It really shows.

not much YM2149 sound over it, but that much be the original Famicom sound chip i guess, but it is really great :)

I have to admit you succeed into doing a rich sound and a pretty nice melody. i'm usually not into FM sound but I have to drop my hat for you, sir.


Saw this posted in the chipwin group on facebook, nice work!

Pretty nice!

this is not a cirno day special

Wonderful! Happy late Cirno Day.

I love the rhytm of the noises a lot ... gives the track something that makes it feel like a caravan that is moving south. I would name it caravan if I was you :P

This is pretty neat, reminds me a bit of "Auxcide". Well done dude :)

Alright, thanks a lot.

The art style from the game looks really cool!

Will it be possible to order this outside of Japan?

What is this?

Oh! I'm not directly involved in KKSN, but my friends are involved many.
Thank you for your loving it :)

This song is one of my favorite, Very nice cover <3

"The original's in the left channel, while the Famicom's on the right." - A fair warning to those who dare listen to this on headphones..

long time no see. I am glad to see that you are still in the game. Sweet stuff, I like the build up a lot :)

This is a fairly accurate cover. You're variances in instruments were pretty effective.

nice! this song ends a lot better than the show ever did :)

Nice intro and nice rythm, love it!

tell nicetas chow to SHUT UP!

Totally relevant, it is connected to the topic in a meaningful way.

Nice footwork! Awesome! =^w^=

YES EVA!! I've been wanting to cover this for a long time and you beat me to it! Haha, but holy shit it sounds pretty good! :) Good job

was actually whistling this tune earlier, think about covering it and WOLA! it appears on ucollective! haha really well done man

great.... i really love this :)


i could already imagine someone saying "11-bit" had this been uploaded to youtube (sad)

Other than that your duty sounds great to me!

Yep I totally agree with jredd even. Even at 1:02 its sounding way to damn similar lol. Even with the same techniques!

it's a shame that it ends before it's begun, but it sound great

Weird, this sounds a bit like Sakura's Theme from Street Fighter Alpha 2. Not exactly mind you, but enough for me to be reminded of it ha ha.

Your covers are brilliant, I wonder what an original track by you sounds like? :)

Wow! This is spot on! I'm flattered that you decided to do a cover of one of my songs! :)

jeez man this is great

Lovely version of the song! It still kinda pisses me off that scumbag artists can get away with theft and this song always remind me of that :/ Makes you wonder what else people have stolen in music history.

This is the kind of music dreams are made of! Totally inspiring and beautiful! Fucking love it! <3

If you got rid of the anti-aliasing (the logo looks like it would work with a single color) and reduced the resolution of the entire image, maybe it'll work for real on a NES.

Hmm, perhaps. If it raises too much of a stink, I'll remove the comment and refrain from posting those links again.

Although it doesn't explicitly state it in the rules, maybe linking to warez is a bad idea. 私アニメですか?

butchering languages since 2008

ロブさん、そのアニメはこちらですよ。 If you don't have CCCP, I highly suggest it.


I just imagined the S1 OP with that orgasmic Sunsoft sampled bass.

to many pixels

also we need a s1 game before we get a s2 game

Share the psd?

i like the "this side out" haha :)

I remember this cracktro/keygen sound.

that was amazing. I love the classic sound

What did you use for the sticker? I would love to do this for both my Derps
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yes good
Holy Konni gig by HolyKonni

Impressive. Very nice.
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DigButt by Dropbit


This is why I hate people who say Yamaha chips are useless/cheap/doorbell soundchips.

I'm pretty sure it's just reverb added in post-production.

Very nice indeed.

Delicious stereo arps and bass.

I'd love to get my hands on physical copies of Speccy and C64 demos. You're lucky.

You used GXSCC, didn't you?


This is hilarious. It fits the show well.

Will we ever get to export .ym? Please?

Real Hardware master race.
Lazer inscribed DMG by UnderCoverDisOrder

Nice. I love the laser cases.
JESUS CAMP GONE WRONG!!! by Weirdbananas

LSDJ Case by UnderCoverDisOrder

Don't buy, just download and use. My PSD is right in the description for all to use freely!
Palm-Top Tiger by Monotron

Greatest love story ever told.
LSDJ Case by UnderCoverDisOrder

Nice. (You could finish the shelling and use my label if you like)
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