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Chip and nonchipmusician from Germany located in Sweden.
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Pretty rad dude, sorry I missed this one first time around. I am working on an album ha ha.

Err, assuming that is you. Confused now.LOL

You look like Jim Carry. :P Interesting. Not bad. :)

woah konni haven't seen you in a while

yes yes feeling it

Impressive. Very nice.

Konstantin, i love your style

L I V E S ! !

i get good feels from this

HolyKonni, the explorer of sounds :) Not really my type of thing but enjoyable nontheless!

gotta love the melting triangle

Something like 80BPM, I think?

yeah, yeah, yeah yeah

whats the bpm on this?

The song kinda fits the tumblr page~

Jesus yes, release this shit ASAP. Few things are better than underground hiphop beatz.

that would be awesome!

can u release this, i just lobe it so much > ^ <


That's a rather cool sound :).

☣__☣ <3

i fucking love this man.

Everybody now make a Track - C#3 - C#3 - A#4 - D 5 - D#5 - F 5 - F 5 - D 5. If i'm right, that C#3 thing could also be a G#3

well, now i have melody for my nu track

Damn thats awesome

I like what you do at about 3:30 ... sweet use of the samples, had my fun with that

This is so weird, but ever so cool. Good job.

Just wanted to let you know that you got the third place in the new website layout :D It's kinda funny, yeah, but this one gives them out based on ratings, the new one does the same based on numbers of favourites.

Yes. He swooped it away like it wasn't a threat

I listened to this while watching a rat jump onto an old man :D Good stuff, man

hey another one lgpt-vocals-track from HolyKonni! awesome!dl'ed!

that was fun, a lot of reverb on the vocals ... I like that

when that melody kicked in I fell in love

nice happy track. loved you homepage =)

i loved that realse, this song was probably my favourite one on it !

awesomeness!!! looking forward to the release.

I keep hitting enter damn it, nuclace@gmail.com

thought it wuz on muh profile dawg,

that'd be slick bubsy,

I was going to add, I also really like the lead instruments did you sample those yourself?

This is pretty slick man,

and you finally decided to show up :)

did you record the vocals, or is it a sample? Anyways, I liked the tune and the vocals a lot

Dude, super unique style! I want to get into piggy at some point but I just haven't taken the time, plus I don't have a good portable for it. I'ma go check some of your releases.

Ha ha ha! This is so strange, I love it..

Awesome. Makes me think of the song "ghost town" by The specials, because of the vocal samples probably, idk :) Fet låt hur som helst!

that was totally weird, what awesome text, haha ... well done Konni

Haha, fantastic! Love how off beat the lyrics are from time to time. Well done!

Well shit. This is hilarious. I love the way you said "and he did" like nobody gave a fuck. you, sir, are creative!

This made me chuckle. Poor little man, his death was too amusing to be tragic.

Reminds me of Adventure Time :3 You're great Konni!

No problem Konni! :D

Nice one HolyKonni!

Holy shit a comment system that doesn't refresh the page and stop the song <3


nice and easy ^^ i like it

It's completely fine, it's related to you which makes it a chip-related song ^^

Woah. This is so good, amazing vocal work too :D Good job! Also fixed the name on the song ;)
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do i hear a russian choir in the back???

i want this song to be played when i am in a drunk fight and about to finish the mothafucka. nice. blast it

i want to die to this song

have you gone and visited our sofa? it's been 4 years

Cherry Cola by Kommisar

funky as hell. also cherry cola is my favorite
kittycat 2012 by Guardia

haha sweet

Happy Birthday Christian!
windy morning by JeMappelle

some really cool sounds

is this mystery pc hardwar and softwar

my favorite band
Die Jung (Ke$$$ha remix) by MyLifeIsPixels

i like your arps
Pulse by Monotron

cool track mate!

mjau mjau meow

nice kit. would use if i still used lsdj

i like this. the bass sounds very raw. the drums could use some work, though (imo)

its a shocker

@lxtxcx my favorite troll tab is scientology.org


this s good

pretty nice mayne. i like the beat. good luck - also we should get the lgpt thread started again :3
Dr Fizz Atari 1988. by fedepede04

those arps!!
Hello Atari by 2xAA

agree with piecesof8. its pretty gangster

wether you believe me or not. the melody after 00:30 is aaaaaaaaaa great

its still a badass track
Kazan by VCMG

cooool stuff!! pretty dark. i like it

lol wtf. "STOP IT STOP IIIIT" haha made me lol. i also like "you want a piece of me?"
Die Jung (Ke$$$ha remix) by MyLifeIsPixels

ganster. i like

youre welcome
Legacy - FEATURING ZEF by DanimalCannon

THIS IS a tasty burger!
Legacy - FEATURING ZEF by DanimalCannon

love this!

@Vellain how did you know

hello mush how are you today. i think this song was super cute

COOL! youre improving i think!

good luck

the noise channel sounds a little messy and doesnt really help. the main melody parts however are quite soothing. i think they would benefit from getting soaked in some thick reverb . i like what you did at 01:50
Circles by Skycstls

pretty cool drums. sounds very good

nice arp melody, but intro is a little too long imo


are you bullying little girls?

@Wheely: lol im gonna get real mad if he doesnt take my advice

subtly insert little sex sounds here and there during the song and make the ending one big orgasm party
The Final Frontier by RadicalPresident

very smiletron-ish. lovely
35.gif by bon



denna var fin
Cancel by JamesLowrey

haha one of these samples i use in my track "Slushie House" on the newest album

good job on making this picture wailord!!!!
Cancel by JamesLowrey

i like this
SeaVoyage by Sukie

true blood stole your name
SeaVoyage by Sukie

Morning Coffee by nuclace

that fits very well as a shop music. great job. shame that the project died
Dr Fizz Atari 1988. by fedepede04

but i dont really like the lead instrument that much ... the one at 00:33. its too short
Dr Fizz Atari 1988. by fedepede04

cooooooooooooooooooooooool½!!!!!! old skool
Indolence by Kubbi

hello kubbi mad love from me

hi cartoonbomb!! wassup
Deafening Divide by Starpilot

cool! pretty unique sound and mixture of sounds
Toaster by Kubbi

waaaaaaaaaaa cool! sounds kind of midi. what program did you use?
Restless by VCMG

i love it! :) <3 <3

hey bubbi, my album is out! you said you wanted to check it out :) <3

hello wheely! cool track.

i like
Synapse by treyfrey

very nice
dithering by Musho

Sam, its real
RGBxSINGLE by 240p

i like your artist name
Kubbicat by Kubbi

Fwd March by MegaFlare

did it work out with the album art for round 3? :)

Bitpop by Kubbi

cute. nice arps
Sleet by Kubbi

YOU'RE GREAT!!! i just discovered your music. love it.

5/5 and favorite!! If you do an album, we at hemligkaka.net would love to release it!
Chiptune by Gampoy

<3 love BMO!!
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