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Constructing Chiptune; Construing 8-Bit. Makes 0CC-FamiTracker and FTM2MID.
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This beat is ballin, yo. These chips be crispy like you never seen.

Loved this one on Weekly Treats, really nice one!

nice tas sounds like a sword down a throat

Great cover! I'm not sure whether I like the octave trills as a substitute for the sine beeps or not, but that's a minor nit-pick :P Good attention to detail and dynamics

Didn't recognized the name but once I get some notes, I was instantly surprised by how good the tune is. Nice work!

Mighty impressive sir.

I would love to see/hear an entire album of similar material! It's truly great!

This is just insane

sweet man this is beautiful

I could easily see you winning Winter Chip IX!

Astounding work, my friend! Sounds like classic space shooter music, only the kind that maxes out the NES expanded hardware! You have this sound that is almost like that of a low pitched distorted electric guitar going on at certain parts too. Wow factor is really high here!

Oh my God, such a rich sound. Nice work!

You're one hell of a composer and this is no exception, well done :)

Great work as usual :).

Oh man.. This is really good, can't stop listening to it! It's got that good classic feel to it.

this is criminally catchy.

bGb's sound is quite accurate. But a pain in the Rs if you're on a Mac.

some of the pacing is so odd but this is really good

Wow, I just found this. Wow man. Amazing.

Oh lawdies this is good

Real Hardware master race.

just get a gameboy faget

hehe, nuclace's avatar is dancing to this song...

Aww, it went out of sync :(

Amazing tracker skills bro!

if you've watched yuru yuri, you've definitely heard prog trance. and by prog trance I mean penis in da bum

I don't know much about trance, but I see the prog house in here. Awesome track, mate. I love the vibe.

I Support Tallent <3

Get psyched for puritans! :D

dat outro <3

woah man, what a monster track

sound really great, nice Sound control...

Jeez man, holy crap. The amount of work you must have put into this... That's pure 2A03 with no expansion chips isn't it? I bow to you sir, I'm alright with famitracker but this is on a whole other level.

change your avatar

change your avatar it scares me

Wow, sounds extremely classic. Bravo dude, we need more chip musicians here like you. :)

dis game is fun too

love the progression of this song. the feel of the song is great and how the mood changes throughout is awesome.

The intro reminds me so much of Pokey Means Business from Earthbound


Sounds like you merged important boss fights themes (like in side scroll-oldschoolRPG's) and spiced with extract of pure hardcore sounds. this is really amazing!

God those arps are absolutely nuts in the best way, you're a madman

You better help me clean up this jizz this felt awesome to my ears <3 MUST KILL EVERYTHINGGGGggg BEFOR TIME RUNS OUT!!!!

dude! ... I am speechless

I am getting eargasms, multiple of them !

This is really really good stuff !

I don't know why, but Robocop was coming to mind when I heard this, but Robocop's soundtrack wasn't nearly this good.

Extremely impressive.

awww yeah. well done - way too much detail put into this.

Wow! SO much Composition!

1:46, I had the volume cranked loud, then THIS. I literally fell the fuck out of my chair. You are my new favorite person forever. Sharing this like wildfire.

This is beautiful. The amount of composition here would make even Beethoven shed a tear.

Hahaha!! YES! That's the stuff. This is awesome, very impressive technical work!

This absolutely rocks! But unfortunately Lucida Sans sucks.

hex-edited dpcm triangle
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are you sure it's kraid's theme but not Kraid's Hideout (NES) on FamiTracker
9.9 by ImATrackMan

this is not a cirno day special

buy this
Onslaught 2612 by DalekSam

no automations to see here

i could already imagine someone saying "11-bit" had this been uploaded to youtube (sad)


Love Gimmick #5 by Kommisar

intro reminds me of action 52 and rophon

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