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I am Harley aka HarleyLikesMusic and I make music using Korg DS-10

I don't know what else to write so I'm just going to show off and write what other musicians/acts I have played with:
808 State, Happy Mondays, Bar 9, cTrix, Henry Homesweet, Sabrepulse, BSK, Maru, Dubmood, Nordloef, DeadBeatBlast, Chipzel, Cold Storage, High Rankin, Nicky Blackmarket, Hey Sholay, The Hoosiers, Tin Foil Hat Brigade, MonsterMonster, DS10 Dominator, Comptroller, Superpowerless + more.
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you should do a cover of "it's like that" by rundmc

I don't know what I should think about this, but I think I like it, haha! It reminds me of the 90's! Well produced anyhow :) Cheers

I was sitting right in front of these beauties when this picture was taken.

Also you should remember that it's hard to get visa cos i'm not adult for europe. Also I well known here, but this DONT MAKE ME PLAY AT EINDBAAS OR SOMEWHERE ELSE. So, as I said it depends on money.

Looking forward to this album!

it means "i don't give a fuck" but in my way it sounds more interesting

it's easy to say when you from europe

he looks as "meh" as always!

all this is a question of money

It should be called Alligator pants

no. that's becouse i'm not from usa/europe/japan

i played with famous people zero times

could die for such photo

dude's got mad skillzzzzzzz

Should be called RADICAL with like super bold capitals

that was some wicked stuff! Welcome my man!
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We Are by bubu

On my ipod
Future Music by Decktonic

µcollective DS10 takeover! Awesome man!
F▲†Ǝ by Balloonbear

I disagree with TmEE, this was awesome and then carried on being awesome when the percussion came in. This definitely needs to be made longer!
Pulse by Monotron

This is cool :)

Awesome job :) definitely needs the drums sorting,

Doesn't matter what sequencer or tracker you use, you kill it every time! Good work!

Dead nice bryface!



love the intro and the sounds, doesn't seem to go anywhere though, Would love to see you work on this a tad more :)