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Wow, I love this, haha! Cute 'n' sweet.

Noooooo :D!!! It's too cute! :D :D

heh heh catchy, funny cat sound.

what softward did you use it sounds cool

hrm i think you are great. you are just as exciting as you were When i First Met You in terms of music.

make more music man :)

Whoa...I was totally going to ask about the timing and didn't...but he answered it anyway....that's awesome and slightly creepy at the same time. Get out of my head ha ha ha!

so robot music.

Interesting :).

Haha, it's sounds like one of those tunes that would play while you are put on hold in a telephone queue :) That kinda actually makes sense since you were waiting for your DL. What am I talking about,hahaha?!?!? Good stuff anyhow.
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Pseudopodia by Pseudopodia

really nice colors!
brock lesnar by aunt1

hrm I think YOU are great

Dude that whole thing is not centered.
Symbiosis by Jredd

Real talented guy you are. A staple in this community, definitely.
The Golden Man Denis by dusthillguy

adam sandler

gonna be a good show! how long is your set going to be?
Monsquaz by dusthillguy

so glad yer baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Welp, everything you do is stupendous and huge in every way. Such talent and damn good songwriting.

(also one of the best things about live performances, with the chaotic rhythms as long as the crowd is into it it's still awesome)

Rad cover, the guitar sounds really good with everything
SeaVoyage by Sukie

SeaVoyage by Sukie

Nick I missed you! Lovely!
Debilitating Zen by CarnivorouS

so much NAISIE Titles/

I can't wait for the second album :3 this is amazing, man.

Jredd is here :D
Vitamin song by HolyKonni

Holy shit a comment system that doesn't refresh the page and stop the song <3
Vitamin song by HolyKonni

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