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Russia, Western Siberia, Tomsk.

Chiptune composer since 2005. Using ModPlug Tracker (OpenMPT) to make chiptune, 8bit, 16bit-like, fakebit music. Sometimes I write some music for my games developed in FreeBASIC, but this is very rare case =)
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Cats of sunrise, come, help us to bring in the light!!!

This is wonderful :D

This song is exceptionally good!

This track is kickass ! I love your awesome melodies :)

God dude, I love your style. It's like Neo Demo Scene :). I'd like some slightly beefier drums but I can't complain man. Your stuff is always solid. Good to see you posting again, keep it up :).

I love what you do!

I love the bass instrument and percussion samples here ! and awesome melody as usual in your stuff :)

iLike it and the drums are sexy

cool stuff as always man

this has a really cool vibe. nice panning work as well.

Yay! FotonCat is my new favorite!

Really enjoyed that... glad you decided to upload!

I loved the ambience that track produces with its bass / noises ... sweet sweet stuff. You never disappoint.

This is awesome man :). I always like your tunes :D.

Sweet melodies !

you have put a lot of work into details in this one, good work. That's all, just keep doing what you are doing!

I knew I'd love this. I want to play a game with your music in it :).

I get some spacesynth vibes when listening this :)

Ну молодец, чо.

Cool! This reminds me of Airzonk :D

haha, that is somehow a classic FotonCat bassline. Had a lot of fun with the tune as usual :)

that was some nice groove, like the melodies you made a lot. More of that!

I love it, keep up the good work~

that one is one of my favs from you. Did you speed it up?

I like the melodies a lot !

This is total awesomness !

nice to see you man, sweet as always

felix?! Noooooooooooooooooooo

Awesome, really classic sounds in the intro. Part beginning from 1:01 is brilliant, love it.

I really like the lead instrument, I also like the progression here and there! Cheers

What did you use to make this? It's an interesting sound, I like it! :)

Loving the text and the moon

I was expecting a Rick Astley cover but this is good too

Dang, this is enjoyable :)
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VIZIERS by chema64

Is it just my imagination, or vaporwave culture is coming to this site? :D I've been here in 2014 last time :D
I've reached my peak. by ImATrackMan

OMG, it's beautiful! It's really fully AESTHETIC.
Symbiosis by Jredd

It's... Beautiful!.. O_O

Beautiful landscape! Thank you!

Yes, a lot of fap!
Komputer by KOOLSKULL

Isn't it a glitched porn? :))
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