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Musician from San Antonio Texas. Known as Diagamblic or Dya for short. I make rock, chip, and electronic jams for your face. I also co-host on 3 amazing podcasts (Retro Obscura, Genesis Gems, and Insert Coin).
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Solid beat. Good sense of humor. Memorable track. A real stand out. Nice work.

Hey man i really like this! very emotionally engaging and lots of variation thrown in to keep it interesting. I haven't seen Stranger Things but my brother really liked it. By the way, is there an unwritten rule that liking your own song is unethical on ucollective? None of my last 4 uploads has been liked by anyone but myself and im wondering if im breaking some secret rule!

i really like it... my favourite part is when the weird human grunt noise comes in

Lazarus is my favorite. Nice chord. That awesome guitar kinda gives me a Super Castlevania vibe.

i saw this on soundcloud... it's really really good! i love how organic the solos feel... but i also love the way it filters to just high frequencies and then goes back to normal

yeah! this is like a chiptune iron maiden track!

That guitar solo towards the end is pretty cool.

Really cool. I love seeing more artists explore what creepy music can be made with the Sega Genesis or otherwise any FM chiptuning.

Yep! YEP! I seriously love this tune. Thanks for the inspiration man :D. We work well together :).

Super cool and weird use of VGMMM my friend. Rad atmosphere.

love the retro spooky pitchbending and the retro organ sound. if this had a amen-break-based slightly-glitchy beat i think it would work really well but as it is it really sounds like a great sega genesis horror game or maybe the alien level in streets of rage 2

Awesome tune ! How did you play this on real hardware ? NSF on a Powerpak ?

Cool cover of a cool track. :)

Completely blows my version out of the water :D.

Sounds like an epic type of game, hehe. 1bit ftw

It's funny

Shipwrecked Director's Cut!

Watch out for this guy :). He'll be a force to be reckoned with soon ;).

cool but doesn't really look 16-bit

It's always nice to see more Genesis chiptune around.
Comments Given
1991 (Sega Genesis) by UrbanFlowX26


Cool dude! Didn't realize you were on this site too.
Ride the Saw wave by SnarlyDawg

Super fantastic :).

Wait I need that video in my life. Great job on this man!

Icecreaaaaam - Nice job :)

Love it! How are you syncing up the two instances of famitracker?
Journey Awaits by UrbanFlowX26

Ah yeah - Phantasy Star called and said "HEY" this would be great in my game.
Michiko by DontBlink

You know you wiped the floor with everyone else :) Way to go man.
Goodbye Joy by PleaseLoseBattle

Congrats on the new EP! This is awesome.

Jolly good cooperation! :-)
Outbreak by CosmoBG

Love it man :).

You guys are awesome. I really enjoyed this.
City Lights by Jredd

Welcome to the Slam Jam courtesy of B-Ball superstar Jredd!

Unique! I love it.

Brilliant tune guys! :)

Dat bass!

I'm going to keep working on my game so I can be THIS good. This is a very solid remix!
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