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My setup :D by Alexpowrs

the roland is just a midi controller right?

penis hands wins the pizza trophy
My new toy by bloerb

i liked the korg special edition SV-1's but ive never had a need for something thats strictly a stage piano, no matter how many tubes are stuffed in it. This on the other hand i find pretty slick and practical, though, they could stuff a few tubes in it.
Cardboard CGB by SkipSandwichDX

these are super cool

felix?! Noooooooooooooooooooo
Urban Pixel Art II by Skycstls

Thats great!!!
my 3rd painting by Zeropass

well your not going to have an option to un-read this but when i first looked and before i read the comments I thought it really looked like a ninja coming out of the lake and is about to slice a foolish hokeys ass.
Upcoming set 11.11.12 by Balloonbear

ah yes, i know that look.
Urban Pixel Art by Skycstls

those are great! i prefer stencils and paint but our canvas is the same!
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