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Retropolis (Feat. Groovemaster303)
Keep The Soul(Feat. Jredd, MuteKi, MBTech)
Soul Fist (Sega Genesis
Retro Bounce (Featuring Groovemaster303)
Saxophone From Another Dimension
Restrain from entering my bedroom
City Lights (Act 2)
City Lights
Robot Ninja Shark- Stage 1 (Future City Shock)
Korg DS-10 Streets of Rage Violent Breathing (Real FM)
Funk Shuffle (Featuring Groovemaster303, Toni Leys, CosmoBG & Dropbit)
Famitracker - VRC7 (Sega Genesis Style) Nightly Flight
Dream Drifter (Featuring Robugga)
Super Quality Series Track 2 ~ I Wub Robot Invasions (SNES))
Piccolo's Theme (Sega Chip Hop Mix)
Rumble In The Garden
Super Mario 3D World - Staff Credits (Disney's Aladdin (SNES Version) Arr.)
Storm of the Dark Moon (Feat. Groovemaster303 Dropbit)
Neon Alley (Sega Genesis)
A song nobody on this website will listen to.
Sonic the Hedgehog - Scrap Brain Zone (DMG-01 Cover)
Sunset (Sega Genesis)
Scratch Bump Slide (Featuring Groovemaster303)
See You Later, Emaciator!
The Biggest Mistake You'll Ever Make
Star Dust (Featuring Peter Orzell)
Galactic Smash (Featuring Toni Leys)
ORACLE (2xlsdj) (wip)
Super Rock 'n Roll (NES + VRC6)
Of Night, Demons And A God
Respiratory Failure (Ver2) (YM2612)
Once (VRC7 Jazz/Funk)
Unleash The Beast (Sega Genesis Metal)
Return of Mr.X - Streets of Rage Remix
Progressions (Featuring Mr.Sonic699 & Rob)
Super Final Fight Restroom Battle(CPS2 Arrangement)
Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor (Weird Bananas Remix)
Glass Hills (Sega Genesis)
Metal Drive (80's Synth Version) (feat. Jredd)
Metal Drive (Featuring Peter Orzell)
Neon Star Field (Game Gear)
No. 1
Valiant Aces (Sega Genesis)
Vector Nega The Last Boss (Sega Genesis)
Heroes of our Age (feat. Potentialing)
Solar Man (Mega Man 10 cover)
Melted Surface Alpha6
Club Clover (Featuring Groovemaster303)
Sapphire Lake
Arnold Schwarzaneggar Fights the U.N. Squadron(FT Rob)
Gold Fist Zone (Sega Genesis)
Microbeings (FDS)
Trouble Take
Onslaught 2612
Smooth Shore (Featuring Rob) Sega Genesis
Bad Apple!! (Genesis Cover)
Strong Independent Hermaphrodite!
Flavorable (Feat. TechnoZealot, Jredd, and CosmoBG)
Spooky Tune !
1 Bit Messiah (Belmont's Revenge Remix)
1 Bit Body Puncher
FM Portable, Staff Roll
Delta Wing - Aircraft Selection
1 Bit Boss
Dungeon Creeper (SNES Death Metal) (Feat. Jredd)
Sabata's Theme
Quite scream
Out of Sight, Into the Mind
Tomb Of Doom
Ninja Poop
Le CouCou (Cover)
Continue? SMS
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Prom Fight (Chiptunes = Win Volume 2)
Plasma Shuriken (Sega Genesis)
Shattered Ice(Ft.Jredd)
Mighty Metro City (SNES)
Cosmo Bounce
Club Sega (Feat Jredd & OtakuMode)
possession of the autotron 5th level
Acid Trex (Featuring Groovemaster303)
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Choas Theory
Results Boogey!!!
Ice Locker
Julometer (Choose Your Destiny)
Like a Commodore
Funk Selector
the end of our story (lsdj dub)
Ms Foster (Feat Thomas Canell Peter Andersen)
Orb Of Truth (Feat OtakuMode & Jredd)
DarkEdge (Overworld Theme)
Creepy Crawlin Mariachi from space sodsu
Green Valley Zone (WIP)
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Lavatory Party
Sea shore shuffle(Ft Rob Jredd)
The Lobby
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Copies of Copies of Copies
Hyper Drive
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Kanashī (Sega MD)
Panning Test --- Power-FM (Featuring Peter Andersen)
Anatomy (YM2612)
E1M1 Sega Nightmare Mix
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Sly Fox (Featuring Rob)
Pit Stop Power (with Jredd)
Onward (YM2612)
Möbius Acid
Merchants Den (VGM Music Maker)
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MazezaM Challenge (SNES) Title Screen
One With The Chips of Yesterday and Today (SNES)
Swiftly Swaying
Waldos Cheese Pizza Castle In Space Time continuum(Ft Rob Jredd GrooveMaster30
Mushroom Maddness (New Super Mario Brothers Remix)
Up In My Jam (All Of A Sudden)
Skrillex - Bangarang (NES version by GreaseMonkey)
Space Jungle Funk(Featuring Groovemaster303 & Jredd)
Light Hawk Wings (Feat. Jredd)
Groove Selector (Act 2)
BadLands (Featuring Groovemaster303 and Jredd
Kool Breeze
Funk Mode Stage Clear (Featuring Groovemaster303 and Otakumode)
Noisechan Inspection Team: On The Case (XM)
Eye Of The Pyramid
Sega Heart (Featuring Robugaa)
Chunk Pulse (Feat. Groovemaster and Jredd)
Groove Selector (Featuring Groovemaster303 and Rob)
Segadore Genesid 64 (VGM Music Maker)
Glazed Eyes (YM2612)
Some Dealings With The Office of Magic (LSDj)
Dark Bounce Caverns (Sega Genesis)
Comments Recieved

This jam is awesome, I find my self coming back to it all the guys are something else ^_^

CosmoBG likes CosmoBG. It's beautiful <3.

This one is so good. One of my favorite collaborations. Although, I have a lot of favorites :P.

It's like some people from Streets of Rage jumped into Comix Zone to help Sketch Turner. :)

Love it man :).

You guys are awesome. I really enjoyed this.

This was extremely fun to work together on :). One of our best collaborations for sure :).

Dude, I'm laughing so hard I have tears right now. That guy is a prison inmate with a restraining order and he's looking for Alex Trebeck so he can lick him. LOL!!! This needs Alex Trebeck in the corner horrified. Ha ha ha, my sides! Everyone needs to put a like on this so that Cosmo makes more. HA ha ha!


Ha ha I love this one.

I did not listen to chip since long time and it is still alive and grooving, awesome

This is totally awesome dude glad to see you making music again! I was waiting for this!

Like the dithering and the sky palettes, it's smooth, not saturated yet colorful. Nice work!

Very cool instruments. This is an awesome track. : )

the first seconds showed me that I would like the song. I Like the instrumentation a lot. Makes me feel pretty chilled

is that a flute at around 2:20 ?

Piss off ! LOL
This is a really interesting stuff, and I get a lot of SoR vibes from this, and vibes that are strange yet awesome.

Lol, this is silly; its good though.

Weirdly awesome. This is great. : )

LOL Hooray! This makes me laugh so hard man. TO THE CHARTS!

you do some good work man +1 to this one to.

lol jredd.. lol cosmo.. pretty sweet tho none the less wish i could throw pixels down like that then my ultimate goal of the 80's hobby collection would be complete!

Axel is on a never ending mission to review EVERYTHING. *Mark Face*

This is sweet. like an S.O.R be-Twix-ed candy bar :).

Beatdowns in the stalls. Love it. :P

Super Toilet Pile Driver Hyper Combo Finish!!!

making good pictures better

Somewhat reminds me of River City Ransom.

Chuck looks like he can punch a hole in the wall !

Good job man, cool muckup

I specially like the letters

You should try to crop the images better, notice how the faces on the "art" boxes are kinda out of place, letting much empty space on the right. The main objects of the scene are also not in the center of the image, but that's just my taste maybe

This is easily your best work to the date uploaded to µCollective. No empty parts, great texture, good composition. Specially enjoying the water.

Not a fan of using much tiles for pixel art but you did well here buddy, congratulations

That looks really cool. I think this is my favorite version of that scene you have put up. I love the look of the road, and the detail in the water. Great job!

Cosmo in the BG knows all :).

Grass tiling is cool, sky dithering too

Giving some texture to the main subject (the road) would not hurt tho

I like them dude, it looks good :D.

cosmoBG this one is my favorite :) jimmy's night

omg primal rage i hated that game scared me the music still disturbs me

Somehow it reminds me of primal rage...LOL Dinosaur fighting game. I have no idea, but if you listen to some of it you might see it :P.

Also did you spell Marchent's with an a on purpose or...because just in case you can edit stuff and it'll still be on the front page ;).

Ha ha, I actually helped with the baseline in the original but yeah this is mostly his. I've always liked this one. :)

This is taking me back to SimCity 2000, for some reason.

What if you played a game where it was just like flashing seizure time change. You speed so fast you zoom into the future. LOL

*Goes to play Road Rash 3*

Kewl stuff! You could use some dithering on the sky to give it some more depth!? Otherwise it looks good imo :)

Then he stomped too hard and had to use the bathroom.

Din: "Maybe we can more Detail? "Well I..."YES BUT! :P

great but can you please put both boxes in the center of the canvas? that would be really nice

Lol this is art.

I like it, although it feels ever so slightly flat, if you get what I mean. I think if the building had a roof and the buildings along the skyline had some more shading, then t would look better

That's well done. It really does look like it comes from a game.

Just. Do. Guile's...

your music is always great man <3

this is really fun to listen to. modplug tracker sounds so weird. why does the guitar sound so realistic when everything else is so 90s lol

this is awesome

hahaha ... Jredd made my day :) (I like dat tune btw. ^^)

This makes me think of some kind of fighter select screen but yet the characters you can choose from are like huge wrestling cyborgs LOL. Imagine a game where it plays out kind of like some crazy arcade wrestling game, yet someone might have electric shock hands, or a bionic eye that shoots lasers. Or maybe someone does a pile driver but uses jet boots to shoot higher into the air and then hurdle towards the ring like a comment for a finishing attack. Ha ha. I imagine this screen is like selecting your character and picking what kind of armor and upgrades he has before you get into the ring. Like wrestling battle cyborgs select screen ha ha ha. *Backs away from the computer screen realizing how insane he sounds* :)

I guess ill start programing it then <3

I'm interested in the weird game!

It's pretty. :)

Great cover Cosmo! SF2 Turbo is still among my favorite game osts =)

love the end part :)

that was pretty cool, nice cover! I like the first bass and the part it belongs to very much, in the second part that piano lead is sweet, love that

This totally makes me think of Zangief with a modeling career LOL. I mean that in the best way possible ha ha.

This is pretty awesome, CosmoBG! What did you make this in, if I may ask? =D

This is really great !

This is so amazingly 90's. To think this is mod plug is nuts. It's very full sounding, and damn if those sounds/samples don't sound awesome together. Keep this up and you'll be legendary :). Great job!

I do remember this! Instant smile. :D This kicks so much ass, awesome melodies.

Niiice But a little too short :)

I remember it *Does a weird dance* That Saxophone solo always makes me chuckle :).

Sounds very MIDI. Pretty interesting song.

Get Jiggy With It

I wish this were the 1990's and we were all making sweet livings producing music for Sega games. ha!

This is Bad Ass Are Group is the coolest i got to say VGM is my new love...this kicks so much ass great job \m/

Ah! Classic Team FM-Possible :).

There is something so 80's eastern european to that melody at the beginning haha

This is way to good hahah nice work

Ninja poop is my new ring tone

This is like a medley

This is so weird....:D :D!

WARNING: It appears that this content may contain ToastyX. Please confirm that you are not actually ToastyX in disguise: ________________________

Sounds great, but for my taste, needs to sound less upbeat and more of a fight song.

To me this is a classic of yours. It really shows what you can do, I'm glad you uploaded it. Super easy like :P.

great stuff :)

This has so many good sounds in it ! I am loving the melodies too !

I want to play this game. Bob Saget uppercuts a T-Rex and there is canned laughter when it dies ha ha ha. Seriously this one is rad dude, there's a good reason why this man is part of Team FM-Possible :). You keep making new things lately and I am always excited to see what you come up with next. Keep it up man, this style rocks :).

This has slipped down my radar Really cool stuff !

Yes! We got some rad Sega Genesis metal tracks going on this week :). Kind of gives me a Road Rash vibe somehow. I like it :).

I love how that guy in the white cap totally looks like he doesn't want to be there LOL.

It's like I'm really in the year 2000!

I enjoyed that a lot ... just the right amount of aggresiveness and some sweet percussions. Well done man!

Oh god you nailed it haha

This is hilarious. Nice use of the DAC channel in VGMM. Also, for those of you not sure about the beginning...I think the joke is...He "got down with the sickness" This is a brilliant parody man. I can't stop laughing ha ha ha.
Comments Given

Glad i could help in pointing you in the right direction to acquire the samples. Also glad something like this came out of me sending them to you. :D Brilliantly done!

I'm liking this one. :D
City Lights by Jredd

Once again, there's nothing Jredd didn't win this week. Groovemaster too. This was a Jreddmaster week. It's official, they are back! :D

Oh wow, this is amazingly wonderful! Well done! :D
City Lights (Act 2) by Groovemaster303

Classic Groovemaster303 style mix. Well done, as usual. :D

Well done. I am glad to have had a part in this awesome track! :D
City Lights by Jredd

This is really nice, very beautiful and powerful as well. I love it! :D

This is beautiful! :'D
Holy Konni gig by HolyKonni

Err, assuming that is you. Confused now.LOL
Holy Konni gig by HolyKonni

You look like Jim Carry. :P Interesting. Not bad. :)


The main ingredient on making this version of Trunks is Jredd sauce. It tastes like green tomato sauce and laughing gas.
1 lsdj 1 dmg by JeMappelle

Also reminds me of tony hawk's pro-skater 2.
1 lsdj 1 dmg by JeMappelle

Looks like you can buy gameboys at the TCS. I totally agree about the shenmue thing. It totally resembles shenmue graphically too. Well done. :)
simone by sigflup

Totally reminds me of Monkey Island. Well done. Also, he reminds me of napoleon dynamite.

Second on the top looks like super mario bros on the Atari 100
upgrade by Balloonbear

Hope i didn't come off as a mean jerk there. :P I just needed an excuse to mention dropbit in a gameboy picture.

Ooooooohhhhhhh! :) As someone who has done sunsets in the past, i approve greatly! :D

Really neat! When it comes to the point that i want to pick these up and touch them, you know you did a great job! :)

This is proof. Yellow oversized gameboy pockets have kenshiro powers! :O
upgrade by Balloonbear

DropBit would be very disappointed in you! :)

Really nice! :D I'd love myself forever if i made a song like this on my birthday. That'd be the best birthday present ever. So i imagine you feel the same yourself. Though i imagine you'd be that way anyway because you are smiling non-stop anyway, like the joker. So yeah, my statement was pointless. :/

Magnificently wonderful!!! :D

LOL That story. But this is really nice. Very chill and relaxing. Something to listen to when you want something nice and easy. :)

Wow! This is amazing! I can see there is a reason you won! Nice!

This is quite nice! :)

This is pretty interesting. :)

This is gorgeous! :D Amazing work!!!

This is some unearthly level of amazing. That's the only way i can describe this! I'm so excited i am going to ask some random person if i have his/her permission to kiss him/her...well i just came back from typing that only to tell you that i had been denied my kiss. :( Well, i guess i am going to play something dark, depressing, and dead like "Something In The Way" by Nirvana.

I might as well throw my hat in to the ring. Harsh words may work with some people, but they don't necessarily work with everyone. Believe it or not, whether it makes sense to you or not, that can actually motivate some people to quit. Like myself, for example, luckily i am now confident enough in my skills to not give a shit, and plenty of times, if i put up something bad or pointless, it's meant as a joke rather than showing off some kind of incompetence, i have a certain sense of humor about me. But for most people, when you do that, you just come off as an ass and a potential troll. I can tell you're not meaning to, especially since you've given me good comments on some of my stuff. But really, no one wants to see negative bashing. The way you just come up all "it sucks, go fuck yourself" makes you look like you're just trying to be an ass whether you intend to or not. That's how it comes off. Also, as Jredd and 3ndymion said, at least give some reason as to why you don't think it looks good. At least try to help build them up other than scaring or pissing them off, or downright destroying their ambitions. If you do that, you would have a lot more respect, i guarantee. I don't think you are a bad person by any means, LX, but i would recommend watching what you do. Seriously. What you are doing is making you come off as annoying, an ass, and a troll, you are not helping anything or anyone by doing that. That's all i have to say.

LOL!!! Jredd wins the internets!!! It is now required to give him full control of everything on the net! Because he won it that much! :D!

Now THIS is what i call art!!! :'D

Smooth masterpiece. It's like a a stage performance that's a hybrid of a magic show and a rap concert. Where he also makes Rob disappear. :D

I think this one is pretty nice too. :) I love how 80's it sounds. Both versions fit both ends of the era. :)

I love just how 80's this sounds!
No. 1 by regol3th

For some reason, every time after listening to it, i tend to play it back in my head as some interesting Zangief mix. LOL
No. 1 by regol3th

Nice and smooth! Yeah, i am all for supporting the usage of VGM MM.

Wow! Simply epic is all i can say! Wonderful Job! :D

The Guitar/metal part makes me think heavily of Metallica. I get the sense it was influenced by them. :D

Wow! Just wow! This is really amazingly well done. The sound design, the melody, the rhythm, all a great mix in to one epic song. Well done! :D

Wow! This is really nice. :) I like the detail and the designs and such. Great job. :)
Cyborg Axel by Jredd

I'm an actual artist and even i think this looks great! Not super proportionally accurate, but what you did looks great. :D
Melted Surface Alpha6 by kloudygirl

This is beyond amazing! It totally makes me think of an SNES edition of SoR3 infected with a Satan glitch(vincesauce watchers will get this reference) I love it! So much creativity and skill!

Very amazing work here! This is easily one of your best ones so far, which is saying a lot. I love how it has that feel of a classic yu suzuki game. Very well done. :)

Way to go Trev! :D I look forward to this! :D

Nicely done! :D

This is some really nice stuff. Really turned out great in the end, the new transitions and etc all that. Really nice, Well done :)
Microbeings (FDS) by Fearofdark

Simply amazing. Your 1st place position on both places is very much well deserved. Congrats! :D
Trouble Take by MicroD

Nicely done! :)
Onslaught 2612 by DalekSam

Welcome aboard, Sam. And, as usual, epic stuff. :D
Pechno by SnarlyDawg

This is really interesting for sure. It makes me think of an eccentric version of Tim Follin if he compsed for Streets of Rage 3 had its story been where Aliens invade earth and start mind controlling everything, making people go mad, mad in the classic ren hoek fashion, and have completely gained control over the entire world.

Wonderful. I love that electric piano sound being used. And the two definitely blend well together. I heard the second one, but the first one i don't think i heard that alone. Either way, it was all arranged nicely to fit in. And the overall sound of the song is very soothing and relaxing. Excellent work. :)

Pretty nice. :) Jredd made a version of this song himself(not sure if it's up here or not)that was also pretty good. I like this one a lot too. :)

Funky indeed. Really nice, it actually has a slight Tim Follin feel about it. Really nice stuff. :D

Wow! This is really nice! :D

*brushes hands off, hip plants* Nicely done! :)

I like the vocal effects. "Ayayayayayayayay"

Creepypasta edition. :D

The title came from one of my old game ideas that i still want to do one of these days. :P He just made it 1-bit. I may even consider having an fm version of this song made for it somewhere. :D

Oh wow! As a person who loves good art, especially something along the lines as this, this is really impressive. I can spot a few here and there things that can be fixed, mainly just the hair, but wow! That face is great. :D
1 Bit Boss by Jredd

Oh yes! Mega Man has to pee while wearing a green sweater and does a stomping dance! Classic! :
MASCULINE TO THE MAX!!! by Weirdbananas

I'm the furthest thing from masculine, but i love this song a lot. :D

This is really nice. Totally sounds like the SNES edition of his song, like the song that goes to the SNES version of the same game. It's like Maximum Carnage SNES edition with that same type of music. And i love the additions. :) Nicely done!

I like this. :) The name really makes me think of Bludgeoning Angel, though. :P
Ninja Poop by TechnoZealot

This is really nice. :)

Ditto times a million :D

Well, we needed something to battle Ninja Poop, so that pretty much explains why this was put up here. ;)
(No worries, i love it too :P)

I really really love this! It has a really neat sound about it. Nicely done! :)

I also forgot to mention i was the one that sent him the samples for this one, which were sent to me by TsuRyu.

Wonderful! I remember this. This is OOOOOOLD! I think this might have actually been on 8bit. Awesome stuff.
Cosmo Bounce by Kommisar

Really nice beat, really gets you pumped!

Also, how can i not like something with my name on it? :D

This is so wild and whacky! Awesome stuff! :D

I agree 100% with Trev. This sounds so much like Streets of Rage 3 music. :D

Trying to figure out why i forgot to give this a like. I liked it well enough to listen to it a few times so what the hell? LOL Parts of this song totally make me think of road rash. :D
Skull by Jredd

I like it! Really neat design! :) Somehow reminds me of something from a dio album.

I just realized, at 00:32 "Purple Nurple Purple Nurple Purple Nurple Purple Nurple"
Funk Selector by Jredd

Well, what i said has happened. So i guess you can be the happiest man on earth for a very long time now. ;)
Slime Screen Cover by b4byf4c3

Work in Progress by Monotron

Wow. I like the way this sounds. Nice mixture. For what equipment you have it doesn't sound bad at all. :)
Choas Theory by Seasons

Simply epic! No other words to describe this! Very well done. :)

Once again, i always find it interesting to hear stuff people put up back during a time i was just a young kid in. :D
Ice Locker by Tilde

This deserves more views and likes than it has. :)
Like a Commodore by Bananablob

I like the sound of this. Does have that c64 sound to it. I also love the melody and beat of the song. :)
Topside by MicroD

I am quite liking this. I like its happy upbeat feel alongside its sweet rythm. The melodies are also quite nice. :D
Homely by TapeState

Something about the melody reminds me of a Blue's Traveler's song. Can't think of the name. :P
Funk Selector by Jredd

Jredd, if you chart first place with this after that happened, i bet you will be the happiest man in the universe for a long long time. :)

I have to agree with Jredd here. It does sound like some voices at times, especially one of the low notes sounding like a grunting gremlin, a talking cat in the mid notes, and the other part close to the end which sounds like someone singing. Really neat usage of the LSDJ chip. :D

Wonderful work! :D Dropbit Collective!

This is really nice! :D So you use MofPlug, am i correct? My last two songs happen to use that. :)

Yeah, i got this idea because every time i see his name, i immediately think of a site called that, so i just had to make this, not to mention i want to see this happen! :D

I like the feeling of this. It has the unique dropbit feeling about it. That bell part is also great! :D

I am in full support of this!!! Hence why i made it! :D Make it happen!!! :D
Green Valley Zone (WIP) by TechnoZealot

Ah, you're here. :) As i said, this is coming along nicely. The melody has a hint of bridge zome from the 8-bit ports. I look forward to see what comes of this. Keep at it. You're doing great! :)
Unwind by Wheely

Niiiice! :D!

Really great sound design. That lead is quite impressive concerning the genesis limitation. Achieving that sound is an achievement for sure. And the song itself is really nice, of course. The song to me makes me think of an egyptian football game against robotic mummies with metal bands being the humans' cheerleaders. :D
Tough Guy by Jredd

Ryumbo Max!

Looovelyy! :D
The Lobby by Tilde

Hey, i quite love this one. A lot more progressive NES music. It has an 80's vibe about it as well, which is sweet as candy corn birthday cake flavored icecream!

Niiiiice man! :D I like the mix of NES and metal!
Hyper Drive by Jredd

Hate to flood this page, but i am just amazed at the production quality and such of this song. Definitely a hardware pusher. :D
Hyper Drive by Jredd

I'd love to see this game exist. Just to see something with trev's music in it. His music would make even a Barney The Dinosaur game seem epic and badass! :D
Crystal Vortex (Feat Jredd) by Groovemaster303

Instant like. Though i wish there was a love button alongside the like. This is just too awesome. I think i remember a part of this song from elsewhere. Nice stuff! :D

Ok, awesome! :D Looking forward to whenever it comes out. Will be trying it for sure.

I saw ome DOS mentionings. Forgive me for potential ignorance, but will this ever be compatable in any way with Windows?
Kanashī (Sega MD) by otakumode

Something about it sounds like something i'd make. lol
Kanashī (Sega MD) by otakumode

Just found this one. I'm lovin' it. :D

Program synth sounds pretty good. Looking forward to this program. :D

I'm really loving this! :D
E1M1 Sega Nightmare Mix by Groovemaster303

Yeah, this is genesis and it's already a billion times better than the 32X version, which literally sounds like someone is farting the entire soundtrack.
Pegasus Fantasy by chema64

How did this not get more views? This is excellent! :D
Set Sail by Jredd

I'm loving this. I am quite impressed with the lead instrument. Very well done sound. :)

Yeah, don't think too much in to what i said. LOL What i really meant was "I love this! Favorited" but my asleep/half-asleep language is not the same as my awake one. LOL

not realistic enough...But i like it anyways. It has Gia Mahan written all over it. Being that its execution is off the chain. Favorited! :D

Simply Amazitasicupersome!

Excuse me, Donkey Kong 64 is the one i meant. Lol Not country

I love the sound of this and the production quality. The song reminds me of Donkey Kong Country or Banjo and Kazooie. Nice stuff. :)

Excellently produced. And i am in agreement with Jredd's comment.

Waldo has some nice cheese Pizza in his space castle! :D

Awesome boss! I remember this but i don't know if i ever heard thIs one! :)

Congrats :)

This totally has the vibe of one of those Yu Suzuki games. Like OutRun, Hang-On, and Shenmue. I love it! :) All three of those games have great music, so to sound like that, yeah. It's a good thing. :D

"Back in my day we didn't have no stinky save button, you had record off of a million devices and then upload them all together to the computer and piece one together piece by piece hoping it works. Now you can just say "i'm done" then you're done""
Sega! by Jredd

Groove Selector (Act 2) by Groovemaster303

Absolutely love the Figaro bit! LOL
Pshhhh... by rob

It's not just awesome! It's Psh Awesome! Congrats for such an achievement! :D

Impressive. :) Not much i can say about this but that.
Mega Sega Drive by Culture

I should say you might be a little hard on yourself to say you suck in any way. You definitely do have potential. Some work could be used, of course, but this song itself definitely has some potential to actually be something quite epic. It has a kind of mood about it that gives off the feeling of determination. Not bad nor sucky at all. :) Keep at it and you will definitely get somewhere.

Awesome stuff. Lol And calling him Judge Jredd will anger him. :P

I definitely agree this iscertainly very shenmue-like. As usual, great job. Nice Jazz Chords. :)
SICK by Person

This is craziness to an extreme. That's why i love about it. Awesome! :D
Symbiosis by Jredd

Damn good, as usual. :) There is a certain one of many reasons why i like this song, but i might scare people if i said(;) at Jredd), so i will keep shut on that. But anyways, i like this real well. Reminds me of X-Men Clone Wars, Batman and Fatal Fury rolled in to one. I also love the emotion in it too, so awesome job. :)

Excellent stuff. I am with TmEE in that i am not sure of ms699's style, but i do hear jredd and Groove in several stuff. Groovemaster's style i've known since 2007 and Jredd's is easy to pick up on, very distinctive style, makes him unique. But yeah, excellent work!

Wonderful sutff, as usual. Jredd is known for that kind of stuff. :)

This is really good. The melody gives it a nice feel and the c64ness is very well done. Awesome job! :)

I love this! It sounds to me like Road Rash and Megadeth fuzed in to one.

This is pretty good in my opinion. It's got a nice beat and flow to it. It also reminds me of Metal Sonic's theme from Sonic 4 part 2. :P
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