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Female chiptune artist from the UK.

My real name's Luka-Antonia (Luka for short) Harvie.
Not really much to say about me, other than I make chiptunes.
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I had to log in to fave CircuitBird's latest upload, and then listen to the rest of her history. This is a great track!

this one rocks my socks off. so good!

ok cool not the normal FM sound sound.. many makes the FM sound a certain way, so it is extra cool then I get cheated XD

sound awesome, but i can't quite figure out what sound source it is, sound a little like GB, but to many voices?

Very nice. Reminds me of the Sonic 3 competition theme and the Streets of Rage player select theme. :-)

sounds very cheerful and nice.

i like the raw energy in this piece. a bit straightforward but sometimes thats a good thing, especially if it works well

I always love hearing this song in all its forms.

The begin made me think of Daft Punk. THe song itself rocks as the original! \m/

this is very cool. sounds like a mix of a sonic level and a theme for rainbow road

The sound's so smooooooooth! I feel like I can surf a cloud on the tsunami to this song.

this is really cool... i like your covers... might want to experiment with different drumkits tho... i really like the "minimal" one on Korg M01D... the one you use here works good tho. i like the rumble of the bass and the squiggly lead that comes in sometimes... very cool

Ah, the soundtrack to the first Puyo Puyo is truly wonderful. This is a cool cover.

quite a fitting theme for chicken chicken

Bangin sounds (: Really nice cover

This is really nice. Totally sounds like the SNES edition of his song, like the song that goes to the SNES version of the same game. It's like Maximum Carnage SNES edition with that same type of music. And i love the additions. :) Nicely done!

that instantly made me feel younger ^^

Nice :)

nice colors

I remember playing this song on DDR

OMG 2 Unlimited!!! Haha, I prefer this to the original. Nice!

This is so Demo Scene :).
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Outrun - Splash Wave by fedepede04

Better than the original ST version! Loving this, dude! <3

I love this!
I've reached my peak. by ImATrackMan

Is that an mp3 player with Rockbox, shoved into a Fami cart? :D

Aww, dude! <3

Very nice! Always good to see other 'KORGers' on here, Bibby! :D

The bass reminds me of Jewel Master with a Lemmings lead. :D

Can honestly say, this is fantastic! :D

The beginning sounds like Rob. He has a specific style to his work.

Nice work to both of you. :D

Splatterhouse influenced name? :)

I thought the Micro didn't have backwards compatibility? :S

A pretty neat track you have here!

This is some straight up 90's groove, here! <3 :D

I remember this. I have it laying around on my hard drive and mp3 player. :)
Skull by Jredd

Baraka Obama. :3