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Hi there I make chiptunas.

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the song title is absolute accurate. That was sweet.

Pretty rad :D.

reminds me of 8bc days

I love the melody. This is very nice.

super clean, crisp and bouncy! really nicely layered! i dont mind that it's short at all, short and sweet

sweet stuff, though a bit short :)

bouncy and frantic, solid musics Christerious! the small tired slow-down parts at .4 and 1.3 work really well, ears catch their breath before up and running around again :D

that was a lot of fun, I like how the tune keeps moving. Nice classic feeling, I would love to play a Jump and Run to that
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I can't even

Delicious arps

Who doesn't?
Gastly (2a03) by Fearofdark

This is toooooo goooooooooooooooooood
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