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Airwolf (Cover) Power FM
Power-FM Test (old crap)
Panning Test --- Power-FM (Featuring Peter Andersen)
Ms Foster (Feat Thomas Canell Peter Andersen)
Power-FM Test (Final Blow Feat. Thomas Canell )
Power-FM Test (Little Man Feat. Thomas Canell )
Le CouCou (Cover)
Polyester (Feat. Peter Andersen)
Power-FM - 2 unlimited no limit (Cover)
Be cool
Solar Man (Mega Man 10 cover)
Soundcastles [Castlevania Medley] (feat. Confuzed)
Bird of Paradise
Sea shore shuffle(Ft Rob Jredd)
Outrun Passing Breeze Opl3 Standar Midi-Driver
Russian Winter
BT-Mix (Peter Andersen) OPL3
KlatMix (Peter A and Peter J) Opl3
King of my Castle (Wamdue Project cover)
The Zerro Feild (arpeggio madness version) Opl3 (Peter Andersen)
I Went To Space Castle
Blu Ska (Sega Genesis)
Subspace Biker Gang (feat. Confuzed) [revisited]
In Spirit We never get old - opl3 (part II)
Eons of Convergence (Collaboration with Fuxter)
Night-time Waves
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [DnB Mix]
Ishmael - Demo
Firecracker (2A03)
Polar Bear Rides
Limitless (Sega Genesis)
Not Much
Suicide Silence - Destruction Of A Statue
Carol Of Da Bellz
Opportunist Waltz (w/ Music Video)
Eiffel 65 - Blue (cover)
Habeas Corpus (chip-punk)
Summer Island Dance (Sega Genesis)
Song of Storms
La Revolución
Psychochip Ravebot
Becuz Love
Toxicate (Peter Andersen) Converted to Opl3 By Peter Jørgensen
Bad Apple (Sega Remix)
Bright Light, Neon Night
In A Line Of Fire
Finish AT Last (Opl3)
Svendsviner (OPL3)
Un finish stuff (Opl3)
Test Score (music by T.canell)
In a line of fire 1999 XG Version
Summerspice (lsdj wahu)
AciDnB - Gangsta boogie
Enter The Chiptune (The Bree Gadah feat. fuxter)
Mind Games (now with more Mojo)
Equinoxe 7 - JMJ - Cover. Unfinished Ym2149 Emu. Version
Monthly Print
Antipop (Primus Cover)
She's So Rad But I'm So Sad
Fly With Me Tonight
My Dark Laboratory
Knife City - Slam Dunk Lifestyle (Balloonbear remix)
How to Properly Use a Semicolon
Da Pantz - Nightlife (Decktonic Remix)
Life Starts Now [1xLSDJ, Drums, Guitar]
Latino Sango
Reckless System (Master System/Game Gear)
Bound to Nothing
Mystery Song (Atari ST+GarageBand)
First Attempt 2012 (OPL3) unfinish C.C. wanted
Dr Fizz Atari 1988.
Mystical Rush
Thinking of You
I believe In.Godzilla
Missing Thought
This aint no Jazz
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Digital Waterpark
Blacktop Dragon
Maailmankuvaharha (Ver2) (YM2612)
Strawberry Sherbet Shore (EP out!)
The Moon (Yoshihiro Sakaguchi cover)
Skeletors Fandango
Matter Energy Conversion
Devil Sluts From Mars (Fuzzy)
Gambit: Now on Rock Band!
In the Gameworld
Jill Sandwich (LSDJ Funk Blast)
Pale Blue Dot
Freon Leak or House of Mirrors
Raveyard Splitholder, Abandoned Heartdome
Tenpai Sempai
Television for Robots
Corrosion City
Last Save Loaded (intro theme)
TMNT and Mega Man VS Doctor Shredder Wily
New York Nights (new version)
Namco Highway
Xeromancer (feat. Zeropass)
Shofu 2
Mystics Ascent
Entropy Matters
Shine On
FM Portible Album Preview
Caramel Dansen cover
McLarty Party People (cover)
Cartridge (Read Description)
Bottle-Nosed Rubberneck
Zyreotropic Calumdash
Anthology of the Perverse Strings
The Vulture [Pendulum 2xAA cover]
Eraser to Erase Her
Ralph (WIP)
neurotic dreams about teeth
Gutter Fairyz
Planet III (Mesosphere)
IIII (WIP track)
Keepers of the Talisman - Book four (A Sea of Trouble)
Sentiment of the Soulless
The Arrival
Unexpected Strike
Comments Recieved

The bass in the intro sounds like Howard Stern in the private parts speaker scene

haha, I had some childs playing outside of my window and I thought you did them as sample into the tune, sounded very nice ^^

I think the tune did exactly what you wanted it to do, that was interesting and exhausting at the same time :)

I think he's fine. He recently uploaded a new videos on vk and YouTube.

царь вернулся

good to hear something from you again :-)

thats one angry robot on his devastating mission

He's back! You make me laugh super hard ha ha ha ha!

This is really good :D

14:50 is quiet a long time but now I did it ... sounds a bit like Quake 1 music to me

did I tell you that you are weird mate? :P

the track sounds like a ghost ship that is sailing through a thick fog, haha

dude, I am at 6 mins ... I swear I will take it to the end :D

Hes Backkkkk <3

Do you got sound cloud? or add me on skype

woah, that was really athmospheric ... love it!

I Love Your Bullshit<3


that is some Grindchip :D

I am not sure if you saw my comment on my own track but just in case, VGMM stands for Video Game Music Maker if I remember right and it's a Sega Genesis tracker by Shiru :). Also, this is really strange ha ha ha.

DO NOT PUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOooooooooooooooooo brains in microwaves poping to the beat robot going insain children dieing..the world dies and the black rainbow was born

FUCK YOU TO!!! But i still love you <3

this makes me hard

sweet stuff mate, really enjoyed that one? One question, do you still make the kick with magical? Its sounds sweet

you gave it max throttle. well done :D :P It's like...if a C64 was haunted, and...having a seizure. Dude...this is so long....You know what? I'm listening to the whole thing....yep...hey maybe you can start some kind of abstract hipster chip movement and say this song is like the mourning of all the old game consoles that are no longer played and this is their song of protest.

and also one of the nicest.

there is no doubt, you must be one of the madest guys around here ... and that is a compliment :)

needs death growls in it

i don't know the original, but this sound great

<3 Primus <3 .... awesome

The playcount does work, but you've gotta listen to the whole song :)

Fuck yesh Primus!

I thought about what you wrote man, thanks a lot. It's very pleasing to know that there are some real fans around there :)

exactly what Jredd said :D

This reminds me of a robot going insane and turning on it's master. Ha ha ha.

whaaa, i can't comment on this one. it was so fun! i paid very close attention to the melody =D

And I love Alestorm! Fuck, you're taste in music is great!

Oh man, I love Maybeshewill!!

1:33 - 3:20, absolutely beautiful. Not saying the rest of it wasn't great, just that was my favourite part :)

I played the casino in emerald so much when it first came out X

I didn't realise I did :( Apologies.

Yeah man, it's great :D The snares sounded great, just need to hear more drums to push it along more I think :)

Sounds massive! But I'd like to hear more melodies :)

I really like the sounds you've got going on here - just to me they sound a *little* too random. Maybe if you experimented with some breakbeats and mixing these sounds in? Not sure, but I think it may work. This really reminds me of starPAUSE's 'AKID EP' which you should totally listen to if you haven't already :P

*blush* oh you, Kubbi! thank you, guys!

This is epic! Especially 1:40. soooo cool

that was pretty nice and totally interesting. I think you two clash very well together

thanks, bears and birds =} the track was very fun to work on.

damn that it's dark, but not in a bad way or in an overpopulated world :P

i love 65daysofstatic and this is really cool! great cover, dude

oh yes, I really liked that ... AND I like that it is depressing. You should do more ballads :)

great feel! a bit depressing, but i liek it. real guitar?

A bit loud bass indeed, but the composition is a lot of fun :)

the bass sounds perfect on my laptop :) i imagine it would be crazy loud through a bit bassier speakers though

did you intend to make the bass that loud. I mean that sinish-bass ... I would calm that beast down a bit. Anyways, happy birthday dude

that was some weird stuff, really liked that sound engeneering you did ... very interesting

hey :) noiiiise ... now another advice ... more variation in the drum patterns would be nice :)

GrittyCrunchyNoisyDroneyGoodness. Reminds me of SilReq. Downloaded.

Also, welcome to the site HK, It's great to see you online again, and making music =)

This is a little different than your other stuff compositionally. Personally, I like the change.

so much NAISIE

Hi man, welcome here :) I would try to take a main melody instrument with some more dirt factor. Your tunes are always so different. I liked that bit without melody at around 1/2 best, I think you should make a noisy tune without melodies and a lot of other stuff going on, could be fun!
Comments Given

Wonderful work.
Epiphany by Wheely

We seem to be getting back at the same time always :)
New song by Balloonbear

Ты на меня обижен по какой-то причине, или мне показалось?

Hey. Since I'm visiting this site today, for some reason, I want to apologize for being such a dick on Skype. Well, I'm pretty much always a dick, but that doesn't excuse me, really.
Unwind by Wheely

I sure missed your music.

Finally, you've received the credit you deserve.
Russian Winter by FotonCat

Ну молодец, чо.

Abusing the system is a bad idea

In all your tracks, some kind of a movement sensation is present. I've been trying to formulate it for a very long time, so here it is now.
So Smooth... by Dropbit

Just letting you know ('cause I'm an admin and I have to): you're not supposed to post works that haven't been made by you on uCollective.

Didn't you want me to add you on skype or something?

Yeah, Wheely's a great man :)

Love ska ^_^

Traditional Wheely's back, hooray!

D'n'B has nothing to do with it, really

Nice. Did anyone mention the panning? Because I can't read
The Set Up by Dropbit

looks like a very familiar tracker, the one ZeroPass talks about
Escapist by Kubbi

I'll add you up on my recommendations list on bandcamp =)
Ishmael - Demo by awesomeforce

Hey, just wanted to let you know that your version of Merry Gentlemen is better than mine :)

Captain Orgazmo to the rescue!


Btw, I've noticed you mentioning "VGMM" for a few times by now, and my terrible memory for abbreviations is like "huh, that's a familiar combination of letters, but what the fuck is it?" Google stays silent

Quite good :)

We should collab some day
Carol Of Da Bellz by MyLifeIsPixels

So glad to see another angry chiptuner
valjeta2 by bloerb

Thanks :)

Yours is better

Needs to be somewhat more atmospheric, maybe, but otherwise it's great :)

Very spooky :) This could be an introduction to a track or an album. Maybe the latter.
In My Flstudio by AciDnB

Centuries-old FL Studio

I'll eat your American spelling alongside your neighbours, if you do not mind

I've got a bone, and it's alive
Song of Storms by Wheely

It's always nice to see you alive and running :) And that's the first time I see you do a cover (I think). The only other one you've done was with WAV (as far as I remember).
valjeta2 by bloerb

Hmm... What did you use for strings in valjeta1?
Psychochip Ravebot by Starpilot

Another underrated track :-\
Becuz Love by Starpilot

A bit too repetitive, otherwise quite nice.
Adulthood by Starpilot


Great bass
Svendsviner (OPL3) by fedepede04

Your tracks have a very interesting vibe to them.

This reminds me of all the nice days I had in the previous century

Sounds more like ragga/reggae, actually, but the composition is nice

No fuxter :(

Hmm, someone removed my like, had to get it in again :(

Wow. This is probably the best sound editing I have heard in the past few years. Everything's as loud as it should be. Awesome, Thomas.

Really nice. I'd make the guitar and the vocals less loud though and boost up the synthesizers.
Uncertainty by Saneko

I agree with PolarBirds. Also, add some bass, please

*using a semicolon to attract busty human females*
Ym Tracker mockup by fedepede04

He expressed his fondness for your choice of colours

@2xAA, no, my computer doesn't do shit automatically, unless I tell it to. I don't like it otherwise

What's wrong with the current one? Right-click it and choose "save as".
EndGame by 240p

Hmm... I'm not sure what it is, but it lacks something, in my opinion

Hmm.... Weird. The rest of my comment vanished. Look for an orange pencil button in the same line the licence info's in. It's right under the big green button.
Bound to Nothing by Zeropass

Google Chrome is the browser this site works best on, actually, so everything should be fine, in that regard. Do you see the big green (download) and the big red (like) buttons? There's a row of links underneath them. The left one looks like a little orange pencil. This is the one you can click to edit a submission of yours (which also allows for submission deletion).
Bound to Nothing by Zeropass

I did it for you :) Next time, just click on the little pencil image, that will send you to the submission editing page. There, down the bottom, to the right, you shall find the "delete" button
Reveal by Aeros

Indolence by Kubbi

Reminds me of FTL, for some reason o_O Really nice
Dr Fizz Atari 1988. by fedepede04

Ym Tracker mockup by fedepede04

That's why I suggested you to find a torrent or something, because it's way too expensive. I've been a student myself, I know what it's like to have no money at all. And thank you ^_^ You are most kind.


don't like how the symbols break the frontpage :(
Ym Tracker mockup by fedepede04

Hmm, I'll look into GLBasic that you've mentioned, because I've never heard of it before. And you don't have to pay for things you can steal off the Internet :) I'm not encouraging it though

Sounds like a compilation of at least 4 compositions
Ym Tracker mockup by fedepede04

Aaah, you're a really nice fellow :) Delphi's great for your pruposes (also cross-platform, if I recall it right - haven't touched Pascal since school). C is cross-platform too. It depends on what you want to end up with, pretty much. If you're looking for a job, then learning microsoft bullshit # might be useful, otherwise... yeah. I mean, it has function names starting with a capital letter. It breaks my heart :-\

This site sometimes surprises me

Is that the Divine I am thinking of?
Ym Tracker mockup by fedepede04

c# might be a solid language, but it's such a breach of standards. And the name it has is blasphemous

It's gotten 1st place in both the current version and the new one, as far as my browser shows. I'll give that link to Sam, see what he says

It's actually 1st place, Jredd
Ym Tracker mockup by fedepede04


Not really my cup of tea, but you guys did a great job :)
Ym Tracker mockup by fedepede04

Assembler is a hell of a language, but it's really efficient. It works very fast, allows direct access to memory and doesn't create too much of an overload.
gorgeous creature by kloudygirl

Mystical Rush by Jredd

Only thing I'd like to mention is that the track seems to be a bit off to the left channel, maybe I'm having hallucinations again, but I'm pretty sure that's the case.
Mystical Rush by Jredd

Wow. That's unbelievably awesome. Great drums, great overall mastering. Is that a real electric guitar I am hearing in the left channel? I'm not sure if me and fuxter will be able to beat that awesomeness in the coming weeks, but we'll try to :)
gorgeous creature by kloudygirl

this would've been even better if tempo were changing

Just wanted to let you know that you got the third place in the new website layout :D It's kinda funny, yeah, but this one gives them out based on ratings, the new one does the same based on numbers of favourites.
Ym Tracker mockup by fedepede04

Ym Tracker mockup by fedepede04

Assembler's the most efficient language ever created :) And you, sir, are a cool sir. Very cool indeed ^_^
Thinking of You by woahfox

Lovely =)

No one does :)

'm gonna go smoke some manuals :D Kubbi's also using renoise, so it's all really suggesting

This is awesome! Could never get my head around renoise (interface too complex for stupid me), and I'm not sure how you've done breakbeat in it, but yeah :)
Ym Tracker mockup by fedepede04

What program language are you using?
Ym Tracker mockup by fedepede04

I love the graphics :)
Ym Tracker mockup by fedepede04

I have this one somewhere too :) I still prefer Sunvox though

You should've seen me coding for three days through and then drinking, literally, gallons of beer and vodka and then passing out in a cellar in winter :D That was back in Cologne, Germany.

Don't be shy, you've helped me out a lot :)

Okay, let me rephrase it: it needs a rhythm instrument :) Whether it be drums or a more structured bass

It's also sick and sad

Without being inspired by your tracks and without your help I wouldn't have made it so far in terms of 8-bit music =)
Missing Thought by JeMappelle

Nice, somewhat repetitive though

Yes. He swooped it away like it wasn't a threat

It's a good thing :) For a while, I felt like you lost that particular thing that fascinated me about your tracks, but now it's back. It's kind of hard to describe, but your early music (and this track), they sound like a beacon of hope firing up within your heart/soul (whichever you prefer). I know, it's a bit of a cliche... It's just... I don't know. Tiny, shiny, not agressive, variative. Like a little girl smiling at you ^_^ Sorry fuer so viel Text, aber ich muesste es sagen :)

A powerful jedi that must have been

We should do a collab some day, this is great ^_^

This is quite good, actually
Deafening Divide by Starpilot

God, how I love sexy teenagers. I can hear them running to me through the vacuum :) Great work

I listened to this while watching a rat jump onto an old man :D Good stuff, man
Digital Waterpark by regol3th

Awesome :)

Full of change? I think, this is very close to your first works that I have listened to on 8bc. The bass drum is different though, you seem to be more of a snare drum person now. But it's good.

I think, he still does :)

What a wonderful piece of music ^_^

@gaarathedancingpanda, thanks, mate! They did. Whenever they posted, they always got number one, I think, so it's hard to forget them somehow :)

Anamanaguchi, that's the name I forgot :)
27 by gsmith

No worries, mate =)

Nice dissonances
27 by gsmith

Try using post-production editing software, something like audacity, maybe. That's what I do. It's kind of really hard to do anything decent with more than 4 instruments, unless you do some sound-editing. But I'll give you a 5, because it's an awesome track apart from the bass line :)

Wow, dude, this track belongs in the top 3 for this week. This is an awesome mixture of chiptune, ska and punk, really nice. Reminds me of the more famous guys from 8bc, can't remember their name though (I have a shitty memory for names). But just as energetic and punkish.
27 by gsmith

I'd say the bass is too loud and too repetetive, it kills the tune

Nice ^_^

That's tomorrow o_O I wish I could come
Skeletors Fandango by Tryforce

Awesome, guys, keep up the good stuff ^_^
Airebis by naddarvis69

A bit too repetitive, otherwise really good

I think, I just had an orgasm. I'll go and listen to your other track, before it wears off :)
Binary Star by RadicalPresident

awesome, dude and it LOOPS

I like it

Awesomeness :E
abate by Austin


Wow, that sounds pretty bad. If you want to talk, I can send you an email. I know how bad things get for some of us :-\
Sunsine by bluechip

That's a really nice track, dude.

real nice. and I remember you. It's a shame you're no longer composing 8-bit music
Pale Blue Dot by awesomeforce

Mac :-\

We'll try to fix that up in the upcoming site version, sorry for all the mess

I'm not sure what breaks it :-/ I've tried shortening the URL, but it doesn't work either
Deity by Pixeltune

quite nice

Hey, mate! Sorry, I had to change the description of this one a bit, it was breaking the HTML of this submission page. I hope, you have nothing against it
Cronos by Kubbi

I have a feeling someone on this site is fucking up ratings on purpose, which isn't really nice :-\
Cronos by Kubbi

Reggae ^_^
Nexus (VGMM) by Jredd

I get neither, so I don't know :D
In the Gameworld by FotonCat

Nexus (VGMM) by Jredd

Don't worry, mate, it's not too much of an issue. I know it's a hard task to undertake, once your number of instruments exceeds 6, and drums are like 3 instruments in one. I just tend to make the rhythmic section and bass a bit louder than leads, but you do it the way you like, you're much more of a specialist than I am anyway :)
Nexus (VGMM) by Jredd

Awesome. I'd make the hihat and cymbals louder though
scary ghost 8( by wailord


Very nice, as always =)
Dekinai by JamesLowrey

you could do better

be patient

see, we, Russians, can prove to be useful :D

now we know whom to bother if we encounter any problems with unicode :)

yep, cyrillic characters still turn to shit

молодец, братиш :)

fertig :) eigentlich, wir haben viele Leute hier aus Russland und Deutschland. das letzte mal, dass ich Deutsch gesprochen habe, war mit Wheely

ich wuerde ja noch was in der Russischen Sprache dir sagen, doch diese Seite ist immer noch nicht UTF-8, da muessen wir schon warten :)
Pale Blue Dot by awesomeforce

Hmm... What software do you use, I wonder?

Sowas kann man nur als "wunderbar" bezeichnen ^_^

Okay, I'll give you the first place, but only because you're my namesake
LSDJ is boring by nuclace

Reminds me of this:

Oh, in case my previous comment was a bit obscure: we'll implement support of unicode characters, but still, keep in mind, this is an English-speaking community, and it's not really nice to make people wonder what the hell you've written there.

They will. Be patient.

Hey ^_^

I would've written something nice in Russian here, but yeah :)
Free Pixel Riot by FloravoxTerraport

caps off?
Tenpai Sempai by Kommisar

Very nice
Inciner8or by Zeropass

Who likes scratchy bass lines? I like scratchy bass lines.
Like A Plastic Bag by RebootMe

We'll look into this issue
ABC News Theme by secretpeter

Wow, you live in the same town that I do. We should meet up

I think, in terms of trackers, I still prefer sunvox, but you create beautiful stuff :)

Your bio and your tracks made me download renoise :-/
Untitled demo (2xLSDj) by Balloonbear

yeah, it's pretty good
ZOOMBIE by Jredd

magic :)

Forgot to favourite this one, sorry :)

You're rad, man ^_^

This reminded me of some old ska bands, for some reason o_O
Nostalgia by RadicalPresident

Awesome! Please, don't pan the bass drum to the right next time...

Hey. Would you like me to remove the image? To be honest, I never read the rules :-/ My offer to help you with the site still stands
Zoombie by Jredd

Yes, it shall be 8-bit funeral doom for the masses o_O

Dat's awesome ^_^
Zoombie by Jredd

Hell yeah :D This inspired me to finally make a piece with really deep growling and pig squealing
Duck Step by Jredd

Fatality by WAV

Awesome sound engineering, as always... Bass line a bit too repetitive, in my opinion.... Drums I would've made faster in the ending bit, but I've still rated it with a five, just 'cause I like you :D

thanks :)


I hope you are faring well :)

Oh, in fact I might need YOUR help. If you could send me some links to really good tutorials on PHP, I'd appreciate it. If you don't remember my email, I'll send you one.

Life sucks :)
Namco Highway by Jredd

Great, as always :) Moving

Hey, haven't heard from you for a long time. If help is needed, I am still available.
Unreal by FakingAmnesia

Very nice

Sweet... I can feel the prairie

I'm still looking forward to a collab with you, Wheely. And I miss ZeroPass :-/ He was a nice person to work with. He still is :)
Juggernaut by Kubbi

So awesome
Zetafacts by dotexe

Shofu 2 by fuxter

What way would you prefer? I've got an email. Not only do I know Russian, I actually am Russian
$$$lord by wailord

2xAA, comments on tracks are not being counted properly
Mystics Ascent by Zeropass


Coding/Tutoring :) Possibly, music. But only if you have the time and desire. I have a grand idea for a Star Wars non-profit browser game. Sorry for bothering you in the comment feed, you just seem to not notice some of the emails (which is ok with me).

Hey. I was going to start working on a browser game of my own this summer. Wouldst thou be willing to help?
Entropy Matters by Wheely

I've been dead for a month
Shine On by JamesLowrey

I definitely like your style!
ZIG-ZAG DUOPACK by JamesLowrey

This one's rad. P.S. Record your tracks separately and then sound-edit them in something like FL Studio, this will allow you to change panning. I'm not sure if LSDJ supports panning effects on its own.

Awesome, Jredd, as always.

I like it as it is
Worlds Unknown by TheVIRUSEmpire

I'd like to hear more variations in the bass line, otherwise it's good

very cheerful.
Sunstorm by TRIaC

More variation would be good, maybe, otherwise good

Love it ^_^

A bit too short, but I like the direction you're moving in.

I definitely like your style, both in music and in speech.

Oh... The previous comment had a link in it, and a few parameters got deleted right before my very eyes :D

Hmm... Now that was weird o_O I'll send you an email

Now check this out :)
AyeAye by 240p

I didn't mean to offend you, I'd just like to hear more :)

And those drums are wonderful...

I should do a cover of this one sometime as well :) Btw, I broke a lock on one of your threads :D
AyeAye by 240p

pithiness is the virtue you follow, by the looks of it

Good... I don't necessarily like the drums, but the arrangement of instruments is fascinating.

This isn't D'n'B. It actually sounds kinda punk-rock-ish.
Bad Star by CosmicFish

Good-sounding instruments, but you really lack sound-editing skills, I am afraid... I used to suffer from a similar problem. Otherwise, the track's really good, maybe some variation would make it even better.

Ha-ha-ha :) We've always had similar musical tastes, you and me :D Is your WAV project still alive?
Soul by PandasAttack

Good work.
Eraser to Erase Her by PiecesOfEight

Awesome, I'm glad I haven't listened to it on 8bc.
Ralph (WIP) by idevourstatic

I wrote a script that substitutes them with random gifs of naked women :D
Ralph (WIP) by idevourstatic

Very good. I always wanted to make/listen to something noisy and tribal, and you've fulfilled my wish.
IIII by 2xAA

Mb, here:

Wow, you listen to the Stolen Babies too O_o
Gutter Fairyz by idevourstatic

I've sent you an email. Great email name, by the way :D
Gutter Fairyz by idevourstatic

Tasty. Would you be interested in a collaboration, by chance?

Is this girl anyhow related to Robinson Crusoe's Friday? o_O

Too many things going on simultaneously... And it's hectic and and dissonant.... and not in a way I'd consider nice. But sound editing and sound quality are great.

Soothing. Might I ask how you have programmed the bass line?

For me, the story finishes around 3:42. If you want to have the end around the 4:23 mark... Maybe, try panning the sound from left to right repeatedly? Or speeding up the tempo?

Great, but finishes way too abruptly.

Great! I'm looking forward to collaborating with you again.

Goood. Liked it. Nothing needs to be changed.

I like the track... What I don't like is that it all sounds like it's being played in a small room. You have obviously used reverberation. Probably, too much :-/
The Arrival by Wheely

So weird to see Wheely without an avatar