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I started making music in 2008, then I started making chipmusic under the name 'Byzanite' in 2009.
Some people say I "went dubstep" or "did a Shirobon", but I'm still making chipmusic and always use LSDJ for my non-purism work.
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duh, dubstep with such wobbles...everything sounds good besides this part

this its the legend of byzanite.

Amazing! Just amazing!

I love the heavy sound you are going for though I think it could take some more layers here and there to get it more full, escpecially in the high frequencies. Some supporting melodies would be nice. I like the part that begins at 2:16 the most, because the noisechannel work here is totally nice to listen to. Anyways, I cannot stop stomping with my feet to this tune so I guess I have to push that heart :)

with what was this made?

Love it :) feel it's lacking something. We need more LSDJ artists on here

The entire EP rocks man! Keep it up ;D SWC crew represent haha

Wicked :3

this is my kind of tune. intense!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty cool, sounds a bit crap through my laptop speakers though :L I'll listen with headphones again soon!
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When the yugs are so dank, the screen breaks.

Sounding absolutely insane!

amazing. just amazing.

need to party up in scotland soon! the chip scene up there seems awesome!
Good Luck!) by VRUMZSSSR

just thinking of how much THC crystals and little bits would get in the cartridge
Proximity Defense by TheVIRUSEmpire

didn't you play this one at Chipstow? either way, its sick.
1D5H by Popcornkid

this is awesome.

absolutely brilliant. amazingly composed, amazingly produced and just generally amazing!

this is awesome :)
Rocket Park by awesomeforce

really lovely sounds here! consider it favourited!
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