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Hey. I play some bass and make some chiptune.
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This is pretty. Kinda reminds me of a band that I like.. Never thought I'd hear this style in chipmusic. Did you ever finish this cover? I'd love to hear the finished cover

This is pretty but i don't get it

hey, fuck you too

oh! no i meant repetitive in a good way, getting lost in a good way :)

very nice! definitely montage material for the serious bit near the end of an arty romantic comedy, i sort of get lost in the repetitions, keeps going round and round, dizzying and soothing!

good stuff i likes it! nice vibe hmm what's the opposite of fakebit? really chiptune but sounds like something else?

Wasting precious µCollective storage space. Please delete

I'm sorry this website hasn't been a good experience for you. If it makes you feel any better I like what you have so far ;). In fact, I've heard a couple things you've posted here and I like your style in general. You have a cool sound, keep at it man.

Averted by me as well... just because of the title, which got me curious.

Well, I listened to it and liked it. So there :).

Thank You Very Much Keep Up The Good Work =)

Axel: I really really like this picture. Can I save it?

Thanks to you for sharing it with us =)

This is a really really good picture! I really like it a lot! :)

I really like it but a little mixing would be cool, I agree with Jredd it does have a cool live feel and energy to it but it's just a bit too distorted, I like the way your other track Slut Machine sounded though, cool stuff regardless

As everyone is saying, the noise. It was hard to listen to with headphones ... but otherwise i enjoyed it thoroughly ^^

I would take down the distortion just a little, like dropbit says the idea is good...and I get that it's noisey and has a live feel and I like that :) Just, wish things were a little more clear..but yeah agreed keep doing what you're doing man. Pretty interesting ha ha.

To Much Feed Back for me but the idea is good <3 keep doing it

Oh wow, I'm usually not into the whole noise thing, but I actually really like this track. Nice work dude!

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Hang+on+amnesia ✆ by laukmetaals

in reality and in all honesty, everything about this art is kinda bad and it kinda sucks that it has created and now takes up this space on the internet that it does, but In the same amount of honesty (which is all of it by the way) I actually love it for whatever reason and will probably visit this site regularly this week to view it! srsly i rly leik it ;)
A Winter High Coup Cover by DeerPresident

This reminds me of a ratatat music video.
Homerun Heaven by fuzzheads


I absolutely love the gas powered ep

I really like this one! It's so cute/emo and those drum parts are spectacular!
Casion Logo by Dropbit

@lxtxcx Thanks pumpkin ;)

Hey look gas powered ep

Anamanaguchi Anamanaguchi's drummer JDDJ3J

Hey look Gas powered ep
Unnamed01 by 2xAA

@2xAA well, i mean, he doesn't.

and a fine piece of ass it is!

Super groovy track man. love it.

It should be called Alligator pants
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never meant instrumental