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That's going on my essay-writing playlist

At first I was like, "Yeah!" but then at 0:04 I was like, "FUCK YEAH!"

Nice :)

Love your style dude :)
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IAYD va estar en el DF? whatttttttt haha. Solo puedo ir asta tijuana pero el df esta tan lejossssss :c
HonkyBoy by b4byf4c3

haha @ Monotron

"SmoothBoy" by zaxxon

what grades of sandpaper did you use? i have a pretty dinged up gameboy and i want to do this to it if you dont mind :P
Be chiptune! by crab

<3 ∞

what did you make this in btw?

On by JeMappelle

going to a shopping mall just to listen to this and eat and stuff

my gawsh man. this is so rad :3

whooo made this artwork???
Fluff and Bass by Fufugagakikilala

nvm i was listening through my speakers and couldt hear the kick ha.
Fluff and Bass by Fufugagakikilala

noticed that in both your songs you dont have a kick or much of a snare.....imo i think your tunes would sound banging if you add a little "umph" either with a noise or a wav kick but then again this is my opinion :P nice ditty though

you have a spreadshirt shop or somethingggg????

checked your behance profile and noticed youre from chiapas? i was there last fall and its beautiful specifically in san cristobal(?) your illustrations are rad too!
JUST TONIGHT by less3an

i listen to this on late nights and reminisce late night reminiscing
Not Enough Time by Alexpowrs

nice track :) how did you record this? oh and lsdj gameboysss??
LSDJ Technical Demo 1 by JeMappelle

.savs would be lovely. ive seriously had no desire to mess with lsdj :/
Daisy by treyfrey

was only a matter of time for treyfrey to come and rape us with his music......yesss

i want one of these forever now in my heart

the red astro boy gameboy lights are soooo beautiful. oh you have to get the famitsu one too
Monsquaz by dusthillguy

creepy bruce willis coming back to haunt my dreams
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