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Aeros is a socially awkward, scruffy-looking, fat, grouchy and relatively stupid individual that makes horrible, repeditive EDM and trance music in SunVox, LSDJ and Famitracker (in order of skill) that will never amount to anything, even on a scale as small as the chipmusic scene. You've been warned.
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hehe the ascending key change thing at ~1.50 was fun and completely jumps out after all the steady repetitions :D i was going to say this seems a lil repetitive but then i read your profile and that's totally your thing! great!

Very Nice Sound! Love the beat and bass!

What a beautiful track this is.

I honestly never liked Guile's theme too much, but somehow this sounds better.

Go home and be a manly ham.

ah so this is the original version of the track i saw dj cutman upload. awesome stuff :D

It was pretty damn interesting to me~

Beautiful. but what do i know, i am also depressed :D

Best waltz in C Phrygian I heard all week. :P

I like it. Sorry about the depression dude. That's rough.

cos i almost don't hear bassline

you should make gameboy louder

i like the feel, very relaxed in a major key. I would tweak a couple notes in a few bars that repeat for a while though, just to keep it interesting. good track though!

@3:58 when the drop came in is where I fave'd. Great song :D

but seriously dat percussion is sexy

"yeah" as in fuck yeah amirite
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i don't mean to nitpick but your outlines have too much weight in some places. otherwise this is amazing hahaha
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oh god the hat
Adept by JeMappelle

master-level instrumentation
TRASH!1! by less3an

Legacy - FEATURING ZEF by DanimalCannon

holy SHIT
PIKAAa by Dropbit


awww yeah. well done - way too much detail put into this.
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aaaaaah, piss off.
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that's just plain awesome
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pretty nice.