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nice hat! im a happy kloudy fan

the best snapback ever!

bold claim

Nice paint job, and nice game boy too!

is that white out or paint?

cool pic.

But did you go in?

This can be a perfect album art ;)

well done 9Heart! you should be proud you did great! and your "cheap ass edited" video is super fun :D

I think the video matches the song. Good job :D

the bass is fun doing all those bends, strange, it's sort of spartan and brutal beating me into a trance, somehow fits with the squiggles, colouring and eyes of your avatar :D for me the bass and the chorus that comes in around 1.1 are fun, the higher melody instrument could fit better sounds a lil whinny (just to me!), your video is fun you're so into it! and then onions! and eggs! yes!

there she is

suits him very well haha

The fold in the paper makes it look like the alien is drawing on a wall - awesome :D

Damn, that looks great!

that Gameboy looks sweet

Nice, I've got one of kitsch's green cases too, they're pretty good tbh

This is badass man, cant wait to hear the album ;)

Yo got anymore of these? I definitely want one!

I had my fun with "Essentiell - Doch gar nicht Wichtig"

sweet stuff

Love Jay's artwork! :D
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Would recommend him standing on a floating island and him then falling backwards in infinity. Nice.

This goes really well with CanadaD12 "falling from the Sky" Avatar.
Tweaking by 0b111

Animated for maximum trip/magic-eye-picture effect.
eggdream tape by Musho

Getting a Tape Duplicator and shit soon. Just saying.
If one wants to attempt a good quality, let me give you the addvice that u need to clean demagnetize the head before recording.
Really helps alot.

I cannot not like this.

Dude, i want something like this ♥ This is Awesome!

And for Jotie who want's him to put the Kits up on lsdsng - We kinda think of a way to make the Kits avaiable, put not on a exsisting site.

Wait a second - I hear a small "Hit!" Sample at (01:45-) 01:46 :? Ur using nanoloop - What is going on here?
New Gameboy by Dropbit

Yeah there actually was a Project like this. Was done by Apeshit back when 8bc was still on. According to him he wanted to map the buttons so you could change the screens in LSDJ from Left to Right with these buttons. But was to complicated so he dropped it.
Gewitter by TRIaC

I never got the hang of with nanoloop and always a little bit of jeaoulus if i hear sounds in there i can't recreate with LSDJ D:<

Everybody now make a Track - C#3 - C#3 - A#4 - D 5 - D#5 - F 5 - F 5 - D 5. If i'm right, that C#3 thing could also be a G#3

Sounds like a epic Clock Tower Level :D
New Logo by Dropbit

Kool, but kinda hard to read. Have ya tried black outlines for the gray parts? Or switch from the gray to another color?

Post-Its? Or did you just post this? Ha. I'm funny.
Last News by lxtxcx

This is bad. You also could just use one DMG if you would use the Tables right in LSDJ. Also i don't like that high pitch'd note at the end. But good for ya first shipune. Keep it up.
Song of Storms by Wheely

Great job, turn'd out really nice and you did what was right - Make it ya own song. It's not a simple, easy and sheetmusic-Cover you did there, the part that starts about 01:03 and goes on almost to the end is really awesome work and deserves more attention.

Don't really dig that art so hard. The last one was better. It just feels so random and don't give's me the connection to the title. Also it lacks interest. If i would see that in stores, it wouldn't pop out into my eyes and say: "DUDE, LISTEN TO MEEE!". Just to plain and simple for me. But your music is good. Yeah.

You win. The end.

I like that sample. In general i love vocal samples that are not melodic. But wished you had dropped it already at around 01:00. When it kicks in later i dosn't bothered me that much, i just needed some raw melody sound. Yeah, anyway it's kewl. But why is it Blörb, der Bär?
punk chip demo by DYLANBROCHILL

Quiet good, yeah.
My Primary Image by kidThunder

F▲†Ǝ by Balloonbear

This is Awesome! And look at Nuclace little Hedgehog dancing to the tune while listening. It's cute and heart-warming at the same time ♫

I vote this for a High-Resoultion Print :3
Welcome to Lavender Town by SkipSandwichDX

Old! But still good, i downloaded this back then wehn 8bc was still on :P

Really great, but the WAV-Channel gets repetitive, i hoped for a change at 01:53, but still it goes on ~

I also learned that lesson and always now backup my .sav-files. You always think it can never happen to you until it does.

Ah, okay. That's the problem i see.