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What is it looks fancy

I think you should take advantage of the use of two DMGs and throw in some nice bass. Like the LFO on just one DMG - really nice! And the lead around 03:40 is great, been meaning to find out how to create a sound like that. I've heard it in a few other artist's work and loved it before too. Good cover, just lacking the bass in my opinion :)

I really liked all those catchy melodies you are using here. I wondered if you could find a better kick sound, because the baseline could be way more present than it is at the moment. It is a bit dull and in the background at the moment ... maybe more mids on it could be nice. Really love the noises that come in at 2:16 ... sweet stuff. The main theme could be a bit more dynamic ... some more short notes to make the melody flow more, would love to lay my hands on that bitch ... haha. Besides of all the critisicm, I really liked what I got from you and am looking forward to what you will make next. Cheers!
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Love it!

I love this and look forward to the finished track :D
Daisy by treyfrey

Love this sound treyfrey!
Synapse by treyfrey

I love this o_o
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Looks so freaking awesome and stuff.