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This is a chiptune project started by Ryan Ginther. He became interested in the chiptune/demo scene in 2007, and later in 2008 acquired the necessary tools for chiptune composition in LSDJ through emulators on the computer. As time passed, his love for the chiptune genre and chiptune composition grew, he obtained a classic black DMG-01 from a friend and amassed a collection of songs that were composed, refined, scrapped, and refined again, ultimately honing his skills with the software. In mid September of 2011, 240p was officially brought to life as his artist name for the public. After some careful choosing of previously composed songs, a demo of sorts was released on the internet for free. From there, 240p has acquired a Pro-sound modded Gameboy for higher sound quality, for use live and better recordings. Expect to hear more from 240p in the near future with a new full-length album in the works and collaborations...
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This song meant alot to me. Means alot more in this form xP

Hmm... I'm not sure what it is, but it lacks something, in my opinion

aw love the dmgs <3

I love the Foo Fighters, and this. Awesome!

I didn't mean to offend you, I'd just like to hear more :)

pithiness is the virtue you follow, by the looks of it


I like those external jacks.

Those DMGs are soooooo sick dude! Very VERY jelly ):

very nice change of rythm!

i like your artist name
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Ta ta ra ta tan by clsource

This is TOO happy. I like it! :D
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