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My name is Edvin and I'm on a quest to learn this chiptune thing.
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Groovy! I like the way this develops

I don't know the original, but this song is pretty cool :).

love the groove and wonky off beat notes to this.

purple martian! i repeat, purple martian!!!

muy ricooo!!


as a jewish chiptune fan, this is really awesome for me especially the glitchiness of the drums and stuff!!!

Lovely song!!! It gives the happy feels. I like the arps all over the song.

yeah man, a full length on spotify ... I am def in, take my money :D ... Your percussion is right on spot and somehow if forms your unique style together with the driving basslines. Is it complicated to get into spotify?

This song has a nice almost "gooey" bass to it. It's quite nice. Great job.

had some more plays of that piece, you did some pretty things with the noises. I love how playful even the dubstep part is. Cannot wait for the next one :)

Oh THIS is hawt. 0b1, you've done it. You've gone and made the best thing that ever can or will exist within a 178x178 pixel grid.

nej men tjena, är du här? :)

another nice tune, you do some sweet music

woah, that was some awesome stuff. I am digging the setting a lot

(the new version of µC I'm building over the summer will auto-transcode stuff - yay)

i used to save everything as wav and it got ridiculous thats all i meant

yeah but wavs are lossless (for the most part)

ok buddy i used to be the same way you gotta get mp3 converter. wav files take up more space on your computer. go to audacity website

Omg, I was looking at your screen name and something suddenly clicked. O B one = obi-wan LOL. And then, upside down it's totally the roman numeral for 3 and then p and o. Obi-Wan-3po. ROFL!!!

Wow, this is even cooler and more finely detailed in the full-size than I imagined. Great job, dude.

@0b111 By the way, are you going to upload /the other cover?/
I know it's pretty much the same thing with a swapped pallete, but I still think it's absolutely killer enough to have earned the right :P

Is it anywhere else also? (I don't use Spotify)

Another great track!.. This is awesome. :)

This is great dude, chillest chip I've heard all morning.

This goes really well with CanadaD12 "falling from the Sky" Avatar.

Animated for maximum trip/magic-eye-picture effect.

sound good, which hardware are you using, ym/ay or nintendo?

@0b111 Cool. Can't wait to see it come out.

You're going to make an entire album? Bro, I'm pretty sure that's gotta break some rules about how much awesome is allowed to be in one place at a given time in the universe. I mean, I'm not saying not to do it, but I am saying it might rip the entire third dimension a new one.

This is cool, how did you make it?

I actually singed when listening. Nice song!

This is really really nice.
I guess just try and vary the bass up a little and maybe experiment with some percussion, but it's really nice :)
Nice one.
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Really cool!
Roffe och jag by jallabert

shopkeep by SnarlyDawg

Love it!

Woah, great!!!
Moonlit Looming by platonist

En personlig favorit, fantastisk melodi och atmosfär :)
Naoro by platonist

Riktigt bra, grymt jobbat man :)
clean up by SnarlyDawg


The melody got me hooked right away, good work! :)

Haha, I love this!
The Chainsaw Witches by TommyCreep

Man this is tight! Great use of the wave channel too, I checked out the LSDSNG's you uploaded and was both impressed and inspired!

2xAA Really?? That's always something! (and pretty damn cool) :)

Arghh living in Sweden makes me sad now

Sweet! :)

This is sweet, love the bass! I'm eager to find out more about this project :)
Move Along by Pseudopodia

Great! Really got a nice, kind of mellow feeling :)

Interesting sounds, i enjoyed it!