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 Merry Chipmas 2014

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Tuesday 25th of November 2014, 20:31 - 21
Ok time for another xmas original song!!.

yeey looking foward to the excellent songs of this year!
From Chile with a DMG01
Thursday 27th of November 2014, 21:57 - 22
Name: Mykah
Song: Merry Chipmas Mr. Lawrence
Type: Cover
Friday 28th of November 2014, 13:54 - 23
Name: Steamblast Matt
Song: santa claus is coming to town
Type: cover
Monday 1st of December 2014, 17:32 - 24
Also, your mom is a cheeky last-minute hand in.

Also also, might swap out an entry for 'I'll be home for Christmas' if a collab buddy of mine gets back to me on it.
Wednesday 3rd of December 2014, 22:27 - 25
FYI, pinned down my cover as O Come O Come Emmanuel. You can remove my 2nd choice from the master list.
Saturday 6th of December 2014, 13:52 - 26
Chiptune Justice League™ (ง'̀-'́)ง
Wednesday 10th of December 2014, 21:04 - 27
Name: Nestrogen
Song: TBA
Type: Original
Up the punx! Fuck the unce!
Thursday 11th of December 2014, 21:41 - 28
Name: Laffe the Fox
Song: Christmas Kebab
Type: Original

Just submitted it, hope you'll like it! A Christmas track in classic Laffe style, about one of my favorite foods to eat during the holidays. Never a Christmas without a Christmas Kebab! :D
Thursday 11th of December 2014, 23:20 - 29
Name: UncleBibby
Song: An UncleBibby Christmas (feat. Sandro Petrillo)
Type: Original

This is a chiphouse song i made with a christmas vibe with the help of my friend Sandro Petrillo from BeatDrop. I don't know if you wanna put his name next to mine under "Name" but i think he doesn't care as long as his name is in there somewhere. I used Plogue Chipsounds in Ableton.

I emailed it to the email address you provided and i also put it up on uCollective.
can you beatbox with your meatbox?
Sunday 14th of December 2014, 09:50 - 30
Just submitted a cover too, so this second entry is as following:

Name: Laffe the Fox
Song: The Playdåse (The Julekalender Cover)
Type: Cover

Decided last night that I wanted to do a cover of my favorite little Christmas song. :3
Monday 15th of December 2014, 02:05 - 31
Just following up; I ended up being preoccupied for a good portion of this deadline period (long story, and multiple stories at that.) I'm going to try to hammer this out for the deadline. I'm already incredibly proud of how the intro came out, and most of the rest is that usual cookie-cutter pop format, so it shouldn't be too tough (ha, famous last words.)
Monday 15th of December 2014, 23:04 - 32
Track submitted.
Wednesday 17th of December 2014, 01:05 - 33

Name: Twistboy
Song: See You Next Year
Type: Original

Went for a nostalgic end-of-the-year videogame-y kind of vibe but lost a little bit of it after making a chiptune out of a piano piece. Hope it's okay.
Wednesday 17th of December 2014, 08:45 - 34
Wednesday 17th of December 2014, 14:34 - 35
Will be checking through and updating this thread in the late late hours of today, so you've got a little more time than usual - but thanks for everyone so far for being so prompt :D
Chiptune Justice League™ (ง'̀-'́)ง
Wednesday 17th of December 2014, 18:42 - 36

Artist: 3ndymion
Song: Oh Blessed Joy
Type: Original

I put a lot of effort into this song. I didn't have time to finish all of the editing in Audacity, so there's still popping and clicking throughout. Hopefully, the song's good enough to make up for it.

Hello World!!! ^_^
Wednesday 17th of December 2014, 23:51 - 37
Name: とぼけがお(tobokegao)
Song: サンタクロース・アリガト(Santa Claus Arigato)
Type: Original
Wednesday 17th of December 2014, 23:53 - 38
Aahhh cheesus
I'm late, I'm finishing my track please wait :C


Ok sending mine

The name translates to something like

"Happy xmas to who is reading this"

Name: CLSource
Song: Pascua feliz pa'l que lee
Type: Original

Hope is not too late :S
Edited: 18/12/14 - 03:23
From Chile with a DMG01
Thursday 18th of December 2014, 04:23 - 39
Had a 'thing' happen tonight unexpectedly, so the time we talked about this morning (morning for me, ha) push that by two hours, and you got a track, buster.
Thursday 18th of December 2014, 09:05 - 40
Allllllllllllllllllllllright, compo is closed!
Watch out for the release on Facebook, right here on uC and all the other social networky things in the next few days :D
I'll also update the op later today.
Chiptune Justice League™ (ง'̀-'́)ง
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