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 Selling my old LSDJMC2 MIDI converter

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Friday 10th of March 2017, 04:05 - 1
An unused and brand new (kinda dusty as it's been kept in a draw for quite a while but whatever) LSDJMC2 MIDI converter for LSDJ

Bought for £100, stupidly, from the now "immortal" DJ Transformer and am now wanting to get rid as I've not done anything chiptune for about 3 years and it's pointless me still having this

It's just collecting dust really, and as I'm sure there are now updated models and superior electronics out there that do the same thing, this piece of machinery is still alive and well and can still do exactly what it once said on the tin

Message me with any questions, if need be and please bid responsibly

Smoke free, pet free


ebay listing -
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