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 Shelf Brackets and Leveling

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Monday 17th of April 2017, 10:19 - 1
In additional to the vertical members, we use some horizontal strut. This strut is fastened to the vertical members using L brackets and bolts. Because the vertical member is C-Channel, we can use a laser level and slide the bracket up and down within the channel to provide us with very precise leveling of the benchwork supports.
Horizontal strut attached by L bracket to vertical

Below you can see vertical strut attached directly to the concrete wall. In this instance we are using prefabricated brackets to support the benchwork. The use of the metal ceiling channel sizes makes it very easy to precisely level the layout by adjusting the height of the brackets.
We use two kinds of brackets. The more traditional brackets show above are somewhat less expensive but not quite as sturdy as the double welded brackets. "Less sturdy" means we can only allow one member to climb on the benchwork at a time, rather than two-- this stuff is quite strong when properly installed.
On the double bracket below you can see a piece of 1" x 6" pine. We screw the pine boards to the brackets to provide support for our open-box frame construction.
In this cluttered photograph below, you can see how the whole system comes together. Vertical channels are bolted to the floor. Additional stability is obtained from horizontal channel that is bolted to the building and also to the vertical channel.
1"x6" planks are mounted either on the horizontal channel or on the L bracket. Inverted open boxes are then bolted to the the 1"x6" to provide a platform for track laying and scenery.
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