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 One Tip About Cutting Studs and Track

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Thursday 2nd of March 2017, 02:03 - 1
If you need to cut metal tracks and metal studs, you can finish 20 and 25 gauge drywall metal easily with snips. Some people like to snip the flanges, score the web with a utility knife, and "wing" the track back and forth until it separates. This gives you a nice straight edge but is time-consuming. My preferred method is to cut both flanges, bend the web, then cut a slightly arcing "smiley face" from point to point. This is efficient, but it can produce a good deal of hand fatigue on a job with a lot of cutting. On larger jobs, if you use a chop saw, understand the dangers of burning the galvanizing off the metal. Have adequate ventilation. The concentrated vapors can and will kill you. Also, use every precaution when operating a chop saw: have guards in place, secure the stock, wear eye protection, and stand out of the way of the blade rotation.
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