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 Install Kitchen Cabinets to Metal Studs

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Thursday 2nd of March 2017, 01:44 - 1
Unlike wooden studs, metal studs sizes are not the best material to hang anything from, let alone cabinets! The first time most people see a steel stud they are amazed at how flimsy and seemingly weak they are. And they are! That is, until they are part of a completed wall. The weaknesses of the stud, mostly related to twisting and bending, are eliminated when attached together and then to drywall to make a complete wall. Use the following tip to help you.

In a kitchen, wood or plywood strips are often installed between the metal studs to give a strong nailing/screwing surface to attach the cabinets to. Some contractors install additional metal cross pieces between the studs instead of wood to allow for this additional screwing surface. If you are dealing with old work, though, you have to first try to determine if there are any "nailers". You can use a magnetic or electronic stud finder to look for horizontal nailers. There are special self-tapping screws that are used with steel studs that are available at most hardware stores and lumberyards. An air or electric powered screwgun or an electric drill with a screwdriver bit must be used.
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