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Thursday 10th of April 2014, 10:41 - 1
To many spam threads yo, the quicker that they can be brought to the mods attention, the better. It would be better if when you reported a post, it sent an email to one of the mods, that way, if they aren't online, they might be able to find out before their next visit to the site.
Thursday 10th of April 2014, 12:00 - 2
You're right. I see quite a few nonsense spams that suddenly appeared. What is the purpose of those nonsense messages??? I just don't get it.
Thursday 10th of April 2014, 13:09 - 3
At the moment there are only 2 staff members, no mods.
The main reason is because I never wrote in the ability to have user levels across the whole site.
I'm working on ┬ÁC a lot this year so I'll also work on getting forum mods (and buttons).
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