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 Are there a Web REST API?

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Tuesday 17th of December 2013, 01:26 - 1
There's something like an API
so I can access the info in ucollective via an external program
like an iPhone App or So.

If there was an Api the community
could make Apps more easily
and have something similar to soundcloud.

I know how to make iPhone apps so
I could help.

From Chile with a DMG01
Tuesday 17th of December 2013, 14:37 - 2
There is an iOS App in development alongside the API being (slowly) built :)

The data on the site is quite complex, so it's taking a while to get right.
Plus ideally we want to be able to authenticate users and count plays, post in the forums etc - so that's more API work.

It'll get there though, just got a lot on at the moment.
Sunday 22nd of December 2013, 01:29 - 3
Ok thanks,
good to know :P
From Chile with a DMG01
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