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 The sliding menu is annoying

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Sunday 10th of November 2013, 02:58 - 1
Hi. My first post has to be a complaint about this. The sliding effect of the menu is annoying. Let's say the cursor is anywhere below the menu and I move it up to click something in the menu. Now the whole menu, including the initial item I aimed, for moves to the side, and I have to adjust the cursor position to the right.

It may look fancy, but it's not good UX, imo. I'd much rather that the additional menu items slide upward. This should be pretty possible if you set the the hidden li items as position relative and the corresponding a item inside the li as position absolute with a bottom position, and then adjust the height of the a item. Or something like that.
Sunday 10th of November 2013, 18:47 - 2
I'd prefer it just be static, personally. Nothin' wrong with that.
Sunday 10th of November 2013, 19:31 - 3
It's certainly not optimal for usability, but at the same time as a hobbyist web developer I can see the temptation to get a little fancy here and there :D . If all the slidiness really bothers you, you can fake your user agent as a mobile browser and see the mobile version of the site(which is essentially just the site with all the elements always in plain sight).
Monday 11th of November 2013, 10:35 - 4
You're not the first people to complain about the menu.
I'll look about having them slide up.
I never thought about that really. I just hate dropdowns, so slide-ups sound like a good idea :)
Sunday 29th of December 2013, 00:52 - 5
I concur

web 3.0 wow rip me
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Thursday 16th of January 2014, 11:56 - 6
I agree as well.

The sliding menu for the "top audio" and "top visuals" on the front page is also a tad annoying, as is the hidden "quote" button on the forum. For me it's a game of cat-and-mouse where I'm chasing the UI around!

Just have it revealed all the time and reduce the need for a mobile-centric site, 'cause, y'know, tablet viewers might have screens comparable to a laptop.
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