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 "X user's posts/ started threads" button

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Friday 1st of November 2013, 23:49 - 1
I kinda think that something like this would be helpful, I know that there is a search function, but that's for submissions, rather than forum stuff. I think it would be really convenient, for all those times when you're there like "Goddammit X made a really helpful post, where was it?/ what thread was it in again?"

Sorry if this comes across as pushy, I really do appreciate the site, and all the work you've put into it man.


I can't spell for toffee
Edited: 01/11/13 - 23:50
Sunday 3rd of November 2013, 13:06 - 2
Ah yes, I thought something was missing off of the profile pages.
I'll add in a switch like in the ┬ÁC Beta sometime for that :)
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