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 Volume control..?

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Thursday 20th of June 2013, 00:41 - 1
Hey admins!

First off I'd like to say that the site is coming along really nicely, and I enjoy it immensely. It's mostly really easy to navigate and everything works, but I'd like it if I could change the volume from the player. Quite often when I visit the site I get my ears blown off, because I like to keep my system volume fairly high and vary the volumes from within the various applications I use(because the output levels of many of those vary greatly themselves).

Keep up the good work :)

(PS. I hope I'm not an idiot and just not seeing it o.o)
Friday 21st of June 2013, 11:27 - 2
Thinking about it ;)
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Saturday 26th of December 2015, 04:10 - 3
Bump for emphasis
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