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 Amount of plays/likes/comments on front page for track feed

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Tuesday 7th of May 2013, 07:34 - 21
IMO, the same artists pop up because they are GOOD and make GOOD music that people want to come back and listen to MORE of. And it's not like the radio at all where the barf gets pumped up, pushed and pedaled by PRODUCERS and BUSINESSMEN with an agenda. This is just individuals who like music stating which music they like. That being said, I like that you include runners up to the list Do they get spotlighted on the main page, too?

Somebody in another thread said "no matter what good stuff is gonna get overlooked and bad stuff is gonna get popular." So far that's not what I've seen by looking at the top 3 list. To the ones who have charted, kudos to you. Keep up the good work. I'm not going to be bitter or resentful just because I have less plays or likes than somebody else. I'll just have to make better music and make a name for myself. I know, it's a strange thought to consider that maybe my music isn't as good as I think it is. Maybe "fair chance" and "even playing field" doesn't have as much to do with it? Fairs are for tourists. *pshaw*

gaarathepanda wrote:
Not quite what you described, but you gave me an idea. I don't know how hard it would be to implement, but an option to sort audio tracks by songs that have 3 or fewer favorites/plays. Something like that might make it easier to show artists and songs that don't get enough exposure,

This is an interesting idea. But don't label it "3 or fewer favorites/plays". Make it sound romantic, like calling these songs "the underdogs" or "Davids to your Goliath" or "Challenger Appears!" or "Stagnant Swamp of Abandoned Music(lol)" or something. I imagine that would give it a bit more of an appeal than outright stating that the songs have only had 3 favorites. Numbers are a dangerous game unless they are high numbers.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Subject to change without notice.
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Wednesday 8th of May 2013, 06:31 - 22
how about u put the stats on there like 90% of the time and the other 10% its just random made up stats. changed each day

so that the lesser known trax get a bit of unearned glory >:)
Wednesday 8th of May 2013, 06:32 - 23
not joking around im being serious. sometimes discord can be helpful force in the world
Wednesday 8th of May 2013, 07:45 - 24
kfaraday wrote:
2xAA wrote:
So what about I completely adapt the music section to include a radio fixed to the top with the ability to comment, favourite and download tracks?
It will play the most recent tracks by default, but you can also make it shuffle.

In short, just merge the radio with the music page.
Stats would also appear on tracks in the music section, which I think is only fair now I can see what importance they have to the user who actually wants to search through the vast collection of music µCollective is acquiring.

yep, i can dig this idea~
I'll get onto this soon - sorry for the wait.
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Friday 5th of July 2013, 09:30 - 25
In my opinion, i feel like since all the songs looks "equal," there can never be a way for any song to ever stand out amongst another.(Im assuming thats the intent of doing so but i think thats not really a good idea, keep reading for why). The only time it can is when it gets to the top 3. But the songs that make it to the top 3 are usually the people that are already well-known in the scene. So even though the songs may appear all equal, there those that are going to just pick and choose songs maybe not by the amount of views and comments but just by the uploader's name. Not saying this is bad since they have earned their popularity with their skill/talent in making music, just that it will be harder for newer people to stand out. I think everyone kinda expects people that are already well-known to have lots of views and likes so by hiding comments and views honestly doesnt do much to make songs "equal" in my opinion. Also having people that come by and click on the songs with high comments, likes, or views isnt too bad. Any form of traffic is good traffic imo but yeh.

EDIT: I just saw the forum post on having top 3 turn to top 10. I think that would be a good resolution.
Edited: 05/07/13 - 09:39
Friday 5th of July 2013, 14:47 - 26
- show stats in "music" section but not on frontpage
- merge radio and music page
- limit the charts to songs uploaded the previous week only
if i understand correctly? i like these!

also, a honorary mention of songs 4-10 or something would be cool.
Edited: 05/07/13 - 14:54
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