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 Can't like, mySQL injection?

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Tuesday 27th of May 2014, 19:10 - 1

I'm not entirely sure what this means, I'm no expert, but aren't mySQL injections used to get into websites to cause damage and junk? I'm not knowingly doung anything harmful, so I'm not sure what's going on.
Tuesday 27th of May 2014, 19:12 - 2
just tried to like it again, and it worked this time round, still no clue why it did this though.
Saturday 31st of May 2014, 22:50 - 3
Hmm, weird. That almost never happens.
I'll have to look into it.
Monday 2nd of June 2014, 10:37 - 4
Happened to me too once. I don't remember how by the way.
The Game.
Tuesday 3rd of June 2014, 00:10 - 5
Also, this really isn't anything to be worried about.
It's a very old error message I added to the Favourites code when I wrote it in ┬ÁC v0.1 - so I didn't know what I was talking about.

Maybe your page didn't load fully or you have an extension/add-on which could be adding scripts to the page/changing the page's content after page load.

Anyway, it's nothing serious just a rather old and unnecessarily scary error message - just refresh and try again n_n
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