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 Constant Logouts

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Sunday 13th of October 2013, 08:01 - 1
Hey bro. Love this site, but there is a bug that I'm constantly hitting. It keeps logging me out in very short time, sometimes at every link I click. Any insight to this??? Running FireFox, and I always UNcheck the "remember" box under login (I'm not too fond of cookies). I guess it has something to do with that???
Thursday 17th of October 2013, 02:31 - 2
The logout time period is every 15 minutes since you last moved a page on the site.
I'm not too sure why that'd be happening, but if you're flat out refusing cookies you may be breaking the user tracking system which keeps the user logged into the site.

µCollective doesn't store any personal information about you in its cookies, we only use it to anonymously track user's movements and to keep users logged into the site.

I have extensively tested this feature and have found no bugs, but if you'd please post your Operating System and Firefox version that'd really help me try to replicate the bug.
Thursday 17th of October 2013, 10:37 - 3
Hey. Thanks for replying. ^_^ I've been using the cookies now, & it definitely stays logged in just as it should. It was really strange without them though, in that it would log out in less than 1 minute, just from clicking a link to the next page, or any page. I'm using FireFox 64bit on Fedora 19 KDE 64bit.
Thursday 17th of October 2013, 12:03 - 4
I'm currently running Fedora and Firefox (same versions as you) and I'm not experiencing any logouts apart from the 15 minute logout.
Do you have any extensions, e.g developer tools like Firebug installed?
Thursday 17th of October 2013, 15:43 - 5
Here's what I have:

Firefox v24

Add-ons= FireGestures 1.7.13, Flashblock 1.5.17, Flash Video Downloader 4.0.0, Fox To Phone 1.2.4, HTTPS-Everywhere 3.4.2, HTTPS Finder 0.85.

Plugins= Google Talk Plugin, Google Talk Plugin Video Accelerator, Google Talk Plugin Video Renderer, Java Plugin 1.7.0_25, Shockwave Flash 11,2,202,310.

I don't even use the Google Talk stuff. Maybe the HTTPS add-ons are the culprits. If nothing can be found, it's no big deal. I use the cookies now, & everything works fine with them. This site is awesome. Thanks for looking into this, & for everything you've done with this site. :D :D :D
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