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 Found 2 bugs

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Tuesday 7th of May 2013, 22:43 - 1
First one is ironically enough a bug about the bugs section.

This shows what the forums look like (before this thread that is)

but the date and time of the latest post are different to the ones inside the bugs section

Second one is a one that comes up when I try to view cqallenwalker's track A Night in the Kingdom of Swadia it shows this;

Sorry if that ends up really big, I'm not sure how to thumb, unless it does it automatically. I tried img_thumb but it doesn't work.
Wednesday 8th of May 2013, 00:07 - 2
The forum time bug is known - it's usually when somebody edits a post. These are hand crafted forums with lots of database queries, so I think I missed off that update query. I'll look into it some time.

Fixed the messed up page error.
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