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 Songs skipping??

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Sunday 3rd of February 2013, 16:24 - 1
Has anyone else noticed the streaming has become very SKIPPY? Or is it just me?

Streaming works fine for me everywhere else . Weirrd !!!!!!!!!
me an shania twain wil fuk u up
Monday 4th of February 2013, 00:15 - 2
I only have problems on android. if trying listen to the radio, it just skips numbers, and if I want to hear a song, many times I have to download it because it wont start.
sometime my English is a little weird, Google translate is my best friend :)
Monday 4th of February 2013, 23:18 - 3
i had this porblem a little while ago, but i havent listened at all until that day i think XDD
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