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Sunday 20th of October 2013, 19:37 - 1
We're currently in the process of rebuilding the whole site as a responsive site.
At the moment the frontpage is using the new responsive build, but the rest of the site isn't.

The Audio and Visual sections are is underway but are it's not complete just yet.
We hope the design switch over to be complete by November.

Not only are we rebuilding the layouts, but we're making some very large optimisations in terms of front end and back end code to try and boost the speed and reliability of the site.
The rebuild will technically be a new version of Micro Collective, so it will be dubbed V1.1.

As for other features (PM system, Audio file edits, video uploads) we'll announce when they are ready and released :)

Thanks for being patient with these features, it's essentially a one man job.

Edited: 20/10/13 - 22:24
Sunday 20th of October 2013, 20:34 - 2
Thank you <3
Monday 21st of October 2013, 15:30 - 3
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