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 MicroCollective Birthday Stream!

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Tuesday 1st of October 2013, 20:33 - 1
As many of you have seen, it's our birthday on Sunday!
We're doing a 24 hour stream and we're still looking for some artists.
If you're interested reply here or contact myself or Sam.
The Facebook event page is HERE
So far we have:
Skip Cloud
Holy Konni
Euan Lynn
Skin Walker
And a few more on our Facebook event!
Thanks everyone!
Hot chicks hmu
Wednesday 2nd of October 2013, 18:54 - 2
so y'all are gonna be like skyping or soemthing?
Pictures of pandas painting pictures of pandas painting pictures of pandas painting pictures of pandas painting penguins
Thursday 3rd of October 2013, 00:01 - 3
The event will take place using Google Hangouts via Google+. A link will be provided when the stream starts in place of the banner and the whole thing will be recorded directly to YouTube!
Hot chicks hmu
Thursday 3rd of October 2013, 15:49 - 4
is there a recording of the last stream still on youtube? cant find it
Thursday 3rd of October 2013, 16:25 - 5
Friday 4th of October 2013, 21:51 - 6
So the stream is going to last 24 hours?

What times from and 'till?

Is it going to start at 00:00 on sunday, and end at 00:00 on monday?

And what about time zones?
Friday 4th of October 2013, 23:56 - 7
It's not going to be quite 24 hours, we're aiming to start at about 12pm GMT, so just after lunch, and go to about 5-6AM GMT.
Unsure on what that is in other timezones, but with this much of a spread people from every timezone can catch some of the action.
Hot chicks hmu
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