[CB040] HarleyLikesMusic - Game Changer

by cheapshot
Harley's debut with us on Cheapbeats and his first adventure into the world of LSDJ. We've been working very close with Harley on the development of this album and it's an absolute pleasure to be bringing it to you here.

+ Banging LSDJ tracks
+ Astounding remixes (Doom metal anyone?!)
+ Gorgeous art
+ Baseball caps
+ Airhorns
+ (`・ω・´)

Very honoured.

-- Cheapshot

1. Drop the Bomb (Intro)
2. Off Your Trolley
3. Generic Club Banger ft V3xation
4. Distort Reality
5. Bass Time Continuum
6. Get the Bleach
7. Just One More
8. Anchor to Reality
9. Off Your Trolley (NNNNNNNNNN Remix)
10. Anchor to Reality (Melt Unit Remix)
11. Anchor to Reality (Joint Effort Remix)
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