DuD Compilation Vol.13: Sexy Summer Robots

by kloudygirl
1.Deep Hollowed Out Tree Trunk Full Of Grime - CizreK 02:22
2.Robopop A Boner - EXTERNAL 02:02
3.Cyborg Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey Cover) - Kloudygirl 04:01
4.Cheepy - Popsicle Theory 03:22
5.Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Gary Numan Cover) - Al3k5_1188 05:10
6.Hi! Chula it’s been a while since I could talk with you hermosa - Niño Virtual03:11
7.Casanova Hollywood’s Premiere Party Robot - discofox 05:22
8.Galactic Man - Overmanson 02:26
9.Fuck You Pay Me When You Can - I Killed Techno! 04:00
10.Get-it - NoiseMan 04:28
11.Himeko Katagiri - A Loli In The Van Is Worth Two In The Bush (Prelude) (tooth_eye ur a pervy sage thorin-chan mix) 01:21
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