Monday 18th of June 2012


The remember me function does not work.
wailord on

thank you 2xaa, i hope that update you're talking about comes soon :p
2xAA on

They are - submission authors are not counted. Gonna reset the view count on this one.
CarnivorouS on

2xAA, comments on tracks are not being counted properly
Voretx on

wailord on

u guise i ovi got it l3git, aim famuz
2xAA on

Trying to fix it with the new version - sorry. Also the view count might be changing to play count, so you have to actually play the whole track to rack up a play/view :P
Kubbi on

Hah! 100 views. How da hell did you do that?
bloerb on

>100 views in a few hours? Most unlikely. :)
Voretx on