Sunday 1st of September 2013

Dreamgate (2A03 PURITANS)


this is a track I made for the bitpuritans '2A03 Puritans' compilation, download the whole album (and the source files) here:

also check out
PolarBirds on

How did I not like this befor(*~*)Guess I just fixed that.
Dropbit on

congrats on placement
SketchMan3 on

oh my this is soooo dreamy :3
KungFuFurby on

Seeing these up has me tempted to put up my own BitPuritans entry up on ucollective.
stinkbug on

thanks jredd :o)
Jredd on

This is extremely well made :).
stinkbug on

thanks but please dont cuss on ym music thanks
aunt1 on

badd*ss i love nintendo
stinkbug on

aunt1 on

all this nintendo?