Tuesday 15th of April 2014

Can't Have the Fish if you Ain't Got the Jelly (New EP out!)

Hey guys, here's a track from a little 4-track EP I just released.

It's free and comes with the LSDJ .sav file, so go download it!

Lastmilesofgalaxy on

nice one!
3ndymion on

Sounds so nice & clean...
Monotron on

Love the instrumentation on this, gotta get the Sav files for this!
roboctopus on

@pixeltune I used a low pass filter on the bass at the beginning, but that's about it. Download the EP! It's free and it comes with the .sav file!
Pixeltune on

it just seems like the wav channel is doing too much for 1xlsdj and it's blowing my mind. crazy stuff dude
roboctopus on

@pixeltune it's 1xLSDJ, but I recorded the channels individually and added some FX.
DontBlink on

Great song, awesome EP! I'm back from vacation so I've got a lot of chip to catch up on it seems, starting with your EP :)
Pixeltune on

the wav modulation is amazing. one or two lsdj?