Tuesday 25th of June 2013

A Long Time Ago Tomorrow Morning

Hey guys, this is a track from my new album, which is out now, and available here:


I'd be honored if you fine people checked it out.
Zeropass on

this is rad, nice work.
Jredd on

Congrats on rocketing to first! Also, your album is fantastic :).
crab on

awesome! super! <3
less3an on

nice work!
roboctopus on

thanks guys!
Wheely on

cool stuff
Parallelis on

Such a unique sound on this track, really a stand-out on the album. Really superb bass sound, custom kits, bubbling chords, jazzy flourishes, and just an overall dark, chilling tone. So many <3s for this.
Jredd on

This is great man :) I will certanly check out that album. You're one of my favorite LSDJ artists and I am picky about those because there are so many :).