Monday 1st of July 2013

Past The Green Hills (Sega MD)

I don't know when I'll be able to come up with new solo stuff, so here's a track I made 2 years ago, which was also uploaded on 8bc back then. It was my first track in VG3M as well as one among not so many finished songs.
otakumode on

Yeah, I had a different name back then. I was really into Italo Disco at that time and wanted to make tunes like that using FM, that's why 'Italo FM'. It never happened, so I first changed the name and then skipped it completely.
PolarBirds on

I remember this as well, great tune! But you called yourself something different back then, didn't you?
fedepede04 on

great, i just love the sound of FM :)
CircuitBird on

I remember this. I have it laying around on my hard drive and mp3 player. :)
otakumode on

cquallenwalker: Well then, thank you for liking it back then and still liking it now dude! Jredd: I still remember your 'Hidden Gem' article, which was a big motivation for me to keep me going! =)
Jredd on

Ha ha this one is great :). I heard this and had to get in contact with you for some collabs :D.
cqallenwalker on

I remember this song. I liked it back then, I like it now.