Friday 16th of November 2012

Kanashī (Sega MD)

Made with VGM Music Maker. Only 3 FM-Channels used...
otakumode on

No skype yet! Things are a little busy atm, I'll add you after I set up an account =)
Dropbit on

how did i not see this we sould collab do you have skype <3
fedepede04 on

sound nice
Culture on

CosmoBG on

Something about it sounds like something i'd make. lol
CosmoBG on

Just found this one. I'm lovin' it. :D
Person on

otakumode on

Thank you Tomy!
Tomy on

A very beautiful tune, I love the ending. Sounds really nice.
otakumode on

Thanks guys! Yeah, I kinda tried to make VG3M sound Gameboy-ish with this one.
Jredd on

Dude! I love how 8 bit this sounds :D.
Groovemaster303 on

Pretty cool tune my friend, really enjoyable.