Monday 5th of December 2016

The Sinking Old Sanctuary (v2)

That's right folks, we're doing this again, because why should we not.

In a way this song's a celebration of being in the game for about a decade. I've been doing this stuff since around late 2006 I believe, with this song in particular being one of the first FM songs I ever did.
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muteKi on

I used exactly one timpani sample where I probably should have used a couple. It's ok enough for most of the song but it kinda fucks up the bridge due to the way the weird chords are there -- and the monitor I have at work kinda destroys any coherence there. It doesn't sound as bad on some other setups though. But I did kinda put it together in a hurry, like a single evening I did like 80% of it.
UncleBibby on

i like the snarerolls and i like the main lead and the chords but the bassline and the basskick sort of blur together in a bad way. if i were u i would only use the basskick when its pitch matches the bassline and use a different, less tonal kick otherwise. but maybe my iphone speaker is just ruining it, i dunno.