Friday 14th of April 2017

Boss battle theme from a Phantasy Star fangame project

I wanted to make a Phantasy Star fangame back when I was a teenager but found myself getting far too absorbed into the music aspect of it, which set off basically a decade of work in music eventually leading me here.

The resemblance to the vs. Maruyama music from Dynamite Headdy is....well, let's just say I was less effective at adapting my ideas back then than I am now, though you can definitely detect hints of my style in this tune.

The odd bit that starts around 1:21 is supposed to be a recapitulation of what would be the game's main theme. Unfortunately, for some reason I no longer have that one in my files. I must have either accidentally deleted it when I thought I was transferring it from one hard drive to another, or it got encrypted, or something like that. I could probably reconstruct most of that theme from my memory and what's still here.

There were some 50-odd songs I did for the project. Not all of them are this interesting.

I'd like to go back and actually make the dang game at some point. I don't have as much time as I used to, so that might not be very likely, but I also have a much better idea of what I want the game to be like, so it might be easier to make.
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UncleBibby on

I'm sorry i left that angry comment on your mashup remix Yoshi's Ireland... I am a stubborn fool. Anyways, it's funny how this has all the epic business and interesting variation of some of your modern songs but not quite as much polish on the melody... You've definitely improved a lot but you started good too!