Monday 12th of May 2014

How did this happen [8-Bit Romanian Folk Song]

So I stumbled upon one silly sounding Romanian Folklore song and um...
1. How the HECK did I make this
2. Why the HECK did I make this
The answer for both of them is... iunno.

With that said though... I think it went out pretty well. I really have no idea if this thing is supposed to make someone laugh or to make them go "Awesome!". I have no idea, but I think both should work just as well, LOL.

No Megadrive/Genesis this time, but I love working with the NES soundchip just as much. Sega still does what Nintendidn't to my heart! (please forgive me for that)
carlschultz on

oi! im sure the original romanian folk music was awesome and full of life! this is totally wonderful, delightful, so much character!! love it! :D
PolarBirds on

That's fantastic!
drexegar on

Nice stuff!
Jredd on

This is so awesome ha ha ha.