Saturday 21st of January 2017

Losing sav (2xLSDJ)

Losing sav files today. All 3 new song I've prepared for EP now gone. It's impossible for me to rewrite from scratch. This song is not 100% finished yet, but i decided to upload as a solace lol. Sorry, bad english :)
kaska on

@roboctopus thanks man. Sometimes ems gb usb so annoying haha
roboctopus on

Oh man, I've lost some savs and know that feel. :( This is a fun track though. :) At least you recorded it!
kaska on

@Eiyeron thanks mate, i really appreciate it :)
Eiyeron on

It's a pretty good tune, nice job! The intro makes me remind so much of a song but I can't put its name on it.
kaska on

@circuitbird thank you :)
CircuitBird on

I love this!