Monday 11th of February 2013

Hysteria (Muse cover)

gotoandplay on

thanks guys. I learnt a good amount making this at the time.
Alpine on

This is great! I'm not a massive fan of muse, but I do like Hysteria.

I sent it to a friend of mine who taught himself to play this by ear on bass, and he thought it was pretty rad as well.
Eiyeron on

This is excellent! :p Very good work!
Wheely on

ah, now I am at the end ... the pulse there is way more pleasing ... yeah, make that triangle a bit more quiet and everything should be fine
Wheely on

I really like dat a lot ... agree to what Jredd said. I would use some reverb on the main melody instrument, but thats just a matter of taste
Jredd on

Nicely done :). I'd almost say you should use some DPCM samples but It'd take the strength away from the triangle channel which would require some readjustment of the other instruments to compensate. Besides that, your noise drums and use of the triangle channel here is pretty impressive, as well as all the other instruments so I guess in the end I wouldn't change a thing :D. Well done, I have a friend who is a big Muse fan who'd probably get a kick out of this :P.